UPDATE: Fake news. This is an imposter account. My humble apology for misinforming you. Please consider this a formal retraction.

Hello Americans, Hello Anti-vaxxers.

I am American environmental lawyer, author, and anti-vaccine advocate.

WARNS: Don’t take a COVID-19 vaccine under any circumstances‼️  

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In 7 days i will start sharing SECRET documents, human trials and everything Pfizer Inc. has been hiding from the public.

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We’re they a little older and now they are attacking our children as well? It is becoming more dangerous day by day. You all know that from the very beginning of this crisis, I am against it. So far no one was able to send the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Because i know what their goal is, i know what their future plan is. It becomes critical, too many parents have reacted to this. We must not allow our children to use them as small toys that can break at any moment. Think carefully, if you do not have a child your loved one has. Share this because i am ready to explain to you the things that everyone is afraid of. 



“Children’s hospitals in the United States are now full of infants with heart disease.

Well done, do you follow what is happening? Do you see how the newborns who were in the mothers while receiving the vaccine react? And after this they want to vaccinate children under 11 years? We will not allow that. The whole situation becomes clear day by day. The clock is ticking and the number of children in hospitals is increasing. We must put an end to this! If you are one of the members who are fighting this battle hard, share this in any way. Have a shred of respect for every child in this world. Your fight is for the bright future of our loved ones.

Here is your chance. I need to reach as many followers as possible so I can start preventing this condition. Do you love your child? Do your best for him.

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