Remember that Trump has always seen himself as a war time President. War is ugly. All of us can officially attest to this reality. The world has been going through an intense psychological battle. They are attempting to will us into submission. Yet the exact opposite effect is taking place. 

People are waking up and fighting back. 

A sleeping giant has awakened and that is We The People. 

Some do not see a bright future. 

Some let their imaginations take them to the darkest of all realities. 

How can we win against such a towering foe? Such grave evils?

Do not allow yourself to be disheartened by these questions. When you lift your thinking above heat of the battle you will find that God towers above those who would tower over us.  

Yes. This war is ugly. 

But in God’s eyes the cabal do not stand a chance.

–Pepe Lives Matter