A Summary of Patel Patriot’s Articles on Devolution

by Praying Medic

Posted on  August 4, 2021 with  206 Comments

A few weeks ago, my wife came across a series of articles written by an anonymous blogger who proposed the possibility that President Trump’s administration is covertly being preserved by the U.S military through a process called devolution. I realize that this idea may sound unbelievable and many people who could not mentally adjust to Trump’s election loss convinced themselves that he had somehow managed to remain President. In their minds, Trump was still occupying the oval office, and Biden was on a TV set somewhere. This is not one of those theories. Rather, it is the logical conclusion one might arrive at if they had conducted an enormous amount of research.

The word “devolution” as it is used in the context of government refers to the delegation of powers from a central government to regional or local entities. As it pertains to this discussion, it suggests that Trump and the military have established regional hubs of governmental authority and this fact is known only to those who are directly involved. A number of people have uncovered documents and pieced together key events supporting the idea that Trump put in place a mechanism by which he could remain Commander in Chief, even as Joe Biden appears to be President.

The premise that Trump could do this is based on the idea that America has been in an undeclared war with China since at least January of 2020. Trump has said on several occasions that when China allowed covid-19 to escape Wuhan, they committed an act of war. When the U.S. is at war—even when it is an undeclared war—the President has powers not available to him in peacetime. These powers do not require congressional approval and many times when they are exercised, the public is not aware. The President can, in wartime, take whatever steps are deemed necessary to save the Republic.

The devolution theory revolves around a number of presidential memoranda, executive orders, and odd personnel changes made in 2020 related to national security. The key players involved are Chris Miller, Kash Patel, and Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who held positions in the Pentagon and the National Counterterrorism Center prior to, and after the election.

Central to the devolution theory is that Trump knew the election would be stolen by a foreign power, and he viewed this as an act of war. In response, he preemptively and covertly took steps to invalidate the outcome of the election. The measures he took are known only to a handful of people, but they effectively make him the true Commander in Chief. A decision was made to allow the public to believe Joe Biden is President, but at a later date, we will be informed of the truth.

Further, the theory proposes that a few key military assets around the country are covertly supporting Trump, while most of the military believes Biden is calling the shots. At a future time—perhaps when indisputable evidence of election fraud is made public—the military and Trump will make their big reveal.

One objection to the theory is the adoption of “woke” ideology by military leaders. Critics say that the military has gone soft and would not support Trump today. The U.S. military is comprised of approximately one million people who come from all walks of life, who espouse diverse ideologies and have different loyalties. It’s a gross oversimplification to say “the military is corrupt,” or “the military is woke.” The military is highly compartmentalized. The ideologies and loyalties of one group are not universally embraced by other groups.

Members of Special Operations teams are selected from a large number of applicants based on specific criteria including loyalty. You’re not going to find wokeism being promoted in their ranks. These men and women are patriots, and the devolution articles suggest that these are the very people Trump is working with.

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Sample of Comments:

Wow! I’m blown away!! Could this really be so?? The President is always saying he isn’t the one trying to destroy our democracy…he’s trying to save it. Kinda makes sense now. President Trump is God’s David for We The People. We should humble ourselves and give God praise and appreciation.

I respectively but vehemently disagree. The whole purpose of Devolution is to ensure the continuity of government and our constitution in exactly the type of situation we’re in right now. We are dealing not only with foreign threats including acts of war but treasonous acts of insurrection from within our own government. I’m curious on what factual grounds you find this “highly, extremely, extraordinarily unlikely”? If you actually read all the blogs, they not only make sense, they’re extremely logical, supported by much fact, and align with much of what we’ve received from Q.

I’ve been aware of this theory for many months. And it is the ONLY proposal that makes sense of what I have been observing, both with my own eyes and ears (I am in the flight path of some of our military aircraft and very close to two portions of our border (not southern), and by reading and hearing every word of both the legitimate president’s statements and speeches and the court decisions and documents coming out of the current administration. It is also the only proposal thus far that matches up with having studied POTUS’ past 40+ years. And I haven’t even touched on decades old prophecies….

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  1. Admittedly, I have been getting pretty tired of waiting for the “big reveal”, the return of Trump to the WH. How much further does the country have to deteriorate before he & the Military think we are “ready” for the truth?!? So, being a bit peeved at the moment, I just left this post on Trump’s e-mail site: “OK…armchair observation here – it is just as true that the Right makes political moves a-l-l the time, just as the Left does. Assuming Devolution is a real thing (https://radiopatriot.net/2022/01/08/a-summary-of-patel-patriots-articles-on-devolution-2/), and you are still (the legitimate) President, answer me this – Besides the fact that a Jan 6th’er has freakin DIED in a DC prison, (and that is horrendous enough!), what about the hundreds of of thousands (if not MORE) Americans who continue to die or be maimed by the fake plandemic?!?!?!?!?!?! Yeah, yeah, right…there are casualties in war, got it. BUT, when does the Right become JUST AS GUILTY as the Left, for allowing the carnage to continue, all in the name of politics???????? The economy has tanked, Russia, China & N. Korea are viewing us & treating us as weak, Fauci continues his Josef Mengele tactics on us all, etc., etc…….GEEZ!!! Aren’t there enough “woke” people in this nation now, who would understand when you come back on the scene & explain that you genuinely did win the 2020 election. What’s that old addage…..2 wrongs don’t make a right? You, and presumably the military’s refusal to end this charade is making you look just as bad as the Left. What’s the next parent going to say, when THEIR child dies from being forced to take the satanic so-called “vaccine”, and, had you stopped Lyin Biden from continuing to destroy us all……..that they’re ok with their child being a statistic so you can somehow “prove” you’re still President?!?!?!?!?! In truth, it’s beginning to look pretty disgusting on your part….Sir.”

  2. It’s not politics, it’s a power struggle. One in which our own countrymen have committed treason and have aligned themselves with our enemies, broadening the power base that must be defeated. Donald Trump never conceded, but to actually grab and hold on to authority and exercise it is another thing. Should Devolution be real and were President Trump to attempt a return to power, a massive amount of assets would need to be in place to prevent our enemies from prevailing and putting down what they would call another “insurrection attempt”. If “the plan” is real, there will only be one moment in time when the traps can be sprung in order to prevent a huge amount of bloodshed. Go get em Sir!

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