Listen to Steve Kirch’s interview  with airline pilot Latane Campbell to get insight into the current thinking of airline pilots. They now know masks don’t work and the vaccines are dangerous.

 Latane Campbell  is a pilot for a major US airline.

In this video he shares his perspective on the vaccine, mandates, masking, and how this is going to end. He points out that 80% of his fellow pilots will refuse to take the booster. They are fed up with the ridiculous mandates from the CDC. In the cockpit, they remove their masks because 1) they need to maximize their oxygen and 2) because they need to talk to each other and to the ground. Virtually all pilots realize that masks are just political theater.

Key points:

  1. He knows about 100 pilots and 80% are not going to take the booster. They’ll quit if they are forced to take it.
  2. Virtually all of the pilots know that masks are completely useless. 
  3. The pilots all take off their masks as soon as they close the cockpit door. Wearing masks makes flying dangerous.
  4. If 20% of the pilots walk off the job, it’s the end of the commercial airline industry. 
  5. The airlines tried to strong arm the pilots into taking the vaccines or else. The pilots resisted and the airlines immediately recanted allowing religious and medical exemptions.
  6. The more you vaccinate, the sicker people get. Most pilots have figured this out.

Also, in talking to other commercial airline pilots I learned that it takes two pilots to comfortably fly the plane. If one of them dies from a cardiac arrest, there is only one pilot left to handle everything. That puts that pilot in a very stressful situation and passenger safety is at risk. The plane is designed to be flown by two pilots.


  1. American Airlines just dropped their vaccination requirements.
  2. Don’t be fooled. An unvaccinated pilot is far safer to fly with than a vaccinated pilot. And if you fly privately in a one pilot plane, if you fly with a vaccinated pilot, you are risking your life. Make sure it has a parachute.