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George Webb and Dr. Paul Cottrell have mentioned in several videos, the early research on corona viruses at the US bioweapons research establishment at Fort Detrick and universities such as the University of North Carolina. When the US government legislative branch became aware of this dangerous gain-of-function research, the program was sent offshore, notably to the Wuhan Virology Institute. The US government continued to fund this research.

A Genetically Engineered Virus – The American Genesis of SARS-CoV-2

By Radiopatriot

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  1. This is old news. According to Dr. David Martin there are at least 13 entities who hold patents including the stated University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a midwest university, either Univ of Indiana or Univ or Ohio, don’t remember which, but the list can be found online. I have it in the bowels of all the files I have, I’ll dig it up if needed.

      1. I was wrong – apologies! After spending hours today going through my files on the computer and I still didn’t get to everything, I found what must have gotten mixed in my head. I’ll keep digging but I can’t push it as hard, not because of what it did to me but my computer is close to getting the 10 lb. maul adjustment.

        I’d swear I remember reading certain aspects about C 19 being patented, if it was on TG I’ll never find it due to how they are formatted in a time-line. I don’t remember when I read what I did. I’ll find it if I have it I just don’t know how long it will take. I read today that there were patents on the Covid-19 TESTS long, long before it was released on the world. If that would help I’ll get you the source.

        This, I think, is the July 10, 2121 video of the meeting of Dr. David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich and the disclosure of Dr. Martins’ findings about the injections. The 13 entities are patent holders for the C-19 injection formulas.

          1. Taking a break after reading a few of the many articles that are linked, then trying to follow crumbs. Still haven’t found a familiar article but WOW the masses of professionals – esp. the epidemiologists in the field who have chosen to wear blinders and act dumb about the history of RNA viruses and the unethical, immoral and inhuman abuse by the world medical community.

            I didn’t do any duck searches because I was sure I had the article. There are a massive amounts of discussions, but I’m trying to find those patents. Still looking at the links that “patents SARS-COV-2” brings up.

            1. I still haven’t found what I thought I had but I did run across this from Nov. 19, 2021. Dr. David Martin gave an extremely interesting talk, giving the names of the people behind the curtain. It’s well worth watching and you just might have some information from it that you didn’t have before – be ready to take notes. If you start at about the 8:30 mark you’ll avoid the intro.


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