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Major Murphy says “Files were intentionally hidden, and are now held by Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA)”

The MCIA is a member of both the US intel Community and the DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY

I discuss the DIA here in Devolution – Part 2 (one of my shortest articles so don’t be afraid to read)

Dong Jing Wei defected to the DIA. 

Not to beat a dead horse here but cmon folks, read the devolution series. We are getting more proof of it daily.

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  1. Heh, heh, heh. And they think *we* are stupid. None of them have a clue.

    In a just world, when this war is finally over, all who took part or were complacent to this attempted world takeover, from the libtard snowflakes to the deepest, darkest deep state actors would forfeit all of their possessions and be forcibly flown or shipped to some place they deserve … like Siberia or western China … if they are not slowly and painfully executed first. And they can take their f**king ‘pronouns’ and porn with them.

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