The truth doesn’t care if your feelings agree with it or not. 

Just bc you WANT something to be true doesn’t make it true especially when some people WHO HAVENT READ A SINGLE Q POST but have big money and loud mouths tell you it’s true. 

The enemy plays both sides of the coin.  They don’t care about anything other than controlling the narrative and the minds of those seeking the truth. 

Their tactic is to give you 80% truth and 20% bullshit. People will believe the 20% they don’t understand bc the 80% checks out with what they know and want to be true. 

Q told us this would happen too. 

I IMPLORE you to read the Q posts If you haven’t. If you don’t and you want others to explain it to you then don’t get mad when those who have been doing this since October 2017 tell you that some people you like are actually playing you for fools.

–IET17, Telegram