by Absolute Conviction, Telegram


This may actually be what Q meant with the Hunt For Red October references. 

As we all know, in the movie, Ramius turns the sub right towards the torpedo. Thus keeping it from being able to arm in time. 

Another time, he takes the sub to the *last* possible moment before steering the sub away from the wall. 

My point?

We have steered right into the “Scare Event” (The Great Reset) in order to keep it from “arming”. By going “warp speed”, Trump took away [their] time to properly pull off the great reset. By steering into it, we have disarmed it in the long run. Sure, the torpedo is scary as it heads right towards us, but it won’t explode. In fact, it will be intercepted by The Great Awakening at the last possible moment

Sometimes you can’t tell them, you have to show them. 

Let’s see what happens …