As North Carolina (and I suspect Texas) is starting to realize, you can have wonderful rural areas full of decent middle class Americans that treat each other with kindness and respect and practice the Golden Rule, and it doesn’t matter much or for long

The cities are hundreds of miles away, and they control your fate. Your only choice is to be ungovernable.” 
Posted by: Moron Robbie 
“See also: lots of places. This is certainly true in CO. Get more than 20 miles from the Denver/Boulder metro area and you might as well be on a different planet. But that metro area has the population and controls state politics. 

The divide, more largely, is urban vs. non-urban. Those states with urban major majorities, especially *one* urban area with the majority, will drag the rest of the state down.”
Posted by: Joe Mannix


“For a long time, Arizona repelled liberals because we had Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And then we also passed some strict immigration laws that garnered about 70% of the vote that John Roberts shot down.

Before that in the 80’s, we had a vote on whether to have either Columbus Day or MLK as a paid holiday. MLK lost, oh boy, you would have thought AZ was Apartheid South Africa. I think we lost the Super Bowl over it.” Posted by: Blago


Texas Governor Abbot’s aggressive recruitment of California tech companies may ultimately turn Texas blue.

“Wha? A Republican executive soliciting massive inflow of new residents from cultures and situations that don’t mesh well with the existing population as a central theme of economic policy?

The hell you say.” Posted by: Joe Mannix


“There really is nothing you can do. They don’t see these places as areas to avoid, they see them as areas to fix.”  Posted by: Central Scrutinizer


“Declare your town a Covid sanctuary.”