New Durham revelations: 

DNC/Hillary lawyer Marc Elias testified before a grand jury.

He has obtained more records from Perkins Coie, the Clinton Campaign, and Fusion GPS.

This includes 396 e-mails between the FBI and Perkins Coie from 2016-2017

Brian Cates: “Gee, whatever could certain FBI goons and Perkins Coie lawyers have been discussing amongst themselves via emails from January 2016 thru June 2017?”

For those asking where the proof is that Marc Elias testified under oath to Durham’s grand jury, look at the top of page 6.  That’s Elias all right.

Elias getting indicted is a foregone conclusion. It’s only a matter of when Durham wants to start the corporate media meltdown by indicting him.  My column from September of 2020:

Marc Elias Is Gonna Get Indicted As Part of a Criminal Conspiracy

Never write it down, Marc

Marc Elias

Remember what the Russiagate narrative is:  Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page, James Baker, Gaeta, NONE of them supposedly knew before that Carter Page spy warrant was granted in October 2016 that Steele was a paid political operative working for the Hillary Clinton campaign. I’ll bet Durham has DOZENS OF EMAILS written between FBI officials and Perkins Coie lawyers demonstrating they all knew Carter Page was a CIA asset and Steele’s dossier was 100% fake.

I told you. I told you for over 2 years now you can’t hang this on Kevin Clinesmith. It’s impossible. They all knew. They all participated in the coverup of the truth about Carter Page so that spy warrant would get granted.

Everybody looked at this backwards.  The other members of the conspiracy to frame Carter Page as a Russian agent based on the fake dossier had TWO YEARS to confess they had lied and engaged in a criminal conspiracy to hide the truth from the FISA court so they could get a deal. What Durham just revealed has many former FBI filling their pants today.

–Brian Cates