Sad news from a friend this evening. We’ve lost one of the most well informed historians I’ve had the pleasure to know, a true patriot, and a dear friend.

Ellis Baxter of Arizona passed away this morning. It saddens me to know that I’ll no longer read any more his informative emails.

Ellis and I met some years ago in Scottsdale, AZ through a mutual friend. We shared a keen interest in politics and the nascent tea party movement. We spent time conversing and I was impressed with his knowledge of history, especially European/Germanic history.

One of his many informative emails gave me plenty of food for thought. Last October, he wrote:

You should organize a group of folks to email out everything you post. Then post on the different channels that are out there like Gettr where the heavy folks are very approachable.

 As you are aware I tripped over a lead years ago about the 3rd Reich and its moves after the war. There is no part of life that they are not a part of.

George Soros [real name: Gyorgy Schwartz] IS a Nazi frontman in the flesh. The Nazis left the EU with a huge fortune! They had several cases of counterfeit notes in “Pound Sterling.” Soros used this to fund through a collection of banks that were controlled by Martin Bormann to fund his short sell of the British Pound when it collapsed.

Soros did not force this issue, he just saw it and played it. It was a huge risk to the players but as the Nazis had all that counterfeit money what the F...

As a 14-year-old and his own admission, albeit he is now attempting to cover up the defalcations of his life, He worked for Eichmann who was under Heydrick. This is the elite of all Nazism!

Very few understand that the SS was the model of China’s PLA because China received some 25,000 SS members after the war. The SS was a self-funding operation as is the PLA. They are/were a stand-alone operation that leases people and such to the government.

 The Nazis are in every aspect of the very things you see on the video. they are never seen they operate in the dark. FACT: 40% of all transfers of US stocks are accomplished in the Dark Pool. These are huge transactions 85% are volumes of over 1 million shares! Was higher but Amazon burst that average. They left Europe holding an interest in 750 corporations worldwide and a huge fortune in Cash, Art, Wine, Diamonds, Gold, and other assets. 

1945 Germany was in Rubble. 1960 largest GDP in Europe + Uk. By 1965 they controlled the EU, most of the German Banks, and had an off-the-books interest in Bertelsmann [not only the largest publisher as stated in the video but the largest textbook publisher in the world. And most of the books are printed in China.]. They disappeared into the wind. They have holdings in oil worldwide!

Gen Otto Remire ran the Middle East, Otto Skorzeny Ran guns & arms for the group. 
Just one small part of cabal!”


In another email, Ellis recommended a video:

One of my friends did this pointed interview with Dr. Peter Navaro. It is what everyone wants fast and to the real point.  The podcast is freeClarity from Chaos Podcast



My last email from Ellis came just 11 days ago.

“…they have not read history or else they could see January 6, 2020, as a new version of the Reichstag Fire.

In 1933 the month of January in Germany it was Baron Kirt von Schroder who worked to remove the members of the Stumabteilinglung, the SA, or Brownshirts from the streets. [remember that right after the 2016 election the BLM & Antifa took to the streets?] same deal. The Baron was able to get former Chancellor Franz von Papen to talk to Hitler.

 This occurred on January 17th. 1933, in the oddest of events with the Brownshirts in the street and the 40% of back-office government running a slowdown [these were the Nazis in the office of government, and think of this the Nazis had 40% today the democrats have almost 100% of the apparatus of government.] from 17 January to a completed deal on January 30. Hitler had played the hand dealt him as a cunning cardshark, as unlikely as it now appears, the military was boxed in by the industry leaders, and the president just went along. On January 30, in front of the lawyers from Sullivan and Cromwell [Brothers Dulles], Hitler was Chancellor!

 28 days later the Reichstag fire, 52 days later the enabling act was passed as the Brownshirts removed about 150 members of the Reichstag under arrest [which they had no lawful power to do] (see the photo of Brownshirts entering the opera house temp HQ for the Reichstag.) and like that, a former decorated corporal was now Chancellor and no elections would be held again until after WWII. It is of note that Hitler never won an election.

All of this is from three books [I have dozens that cover this but:] 
Der Fuehrer, Published in 1944 30 days to Power, published in 1996
As to the industry leaders: 
The Meaning of Hitlerism, published in 1934
The man who reads has an enormous advantage over those who can read but do not as the same as the man who can read but does not; has no advantage over the man who can not read



Dear Ellis, you will be missed. Your brilliance outshined so many others.

A mutual friend said when he messaged me about Ellis’ passing:

I just had lunch with him a few weeks ago

Sad . . . we need more people like Ellis – not less

Indeed. My heartfelt condolences to Ellis’ wife Judy and the entire Baxter family.

Rest in peace, dear friend.