JUST IN – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire (NBC)

The 83-year-old Breyer, a pragmatic liberal who has served on the Supreme Court for nearly 28 years, is expected to tell the White House imminently of his intention to step down.

Remember when the Left literally chased Sinema into a bathroom and then attacked her at a wedding?

Now they need her vote for a Supreme Court seat

And I guarantee you she has not forgotten 

These people are bottom-of-the-barrel dumb

Dems leaned on Breyer to retire so they get a court fight right before Midterms like Kavanaugh and motivate their base

Problem is their base has been abusing Sinema and Manchin and they need their votes

I don’t know who needs to hear this but Breyer announcing retirement means Dems know they are losing the Senate this year.

–Jack Posobiec, Telegram


Brian Cates: “”Oh hey maybe we should’ve been a bit nicer to Manchin and Sinema.”  – Democrats who now need their votes to fill a SCOTUS vacancy”


IET 17: “Re: Breyer “retirement”

Something tells me it might not have been 100% his choice


SO … what happens now. We will need a replacement. 

Watch Biden be unable to get one through. Either becasue he can’t or because Senate is unable to get approved where only a simple majority is needed. Or a 50/50 with the VP being the overruling vote. 

Dems SHOULD be able to get someone through… so if they can’t… THAT will be telling”