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— by Brian Cates

Latest Actions by Durham Indicate a Broken Investigation by a Broken DOJ

So yesterday we found out that Durham’s Federal Grand Jury issued a subpoena for – and got – 400+ emails exchanged between certain FBI personnel and lawyers at the law firm of Perkins Coie. These 400+ emails were exchanged between January 2016 – which I’ll note is a full 10 months before the 2016 election contest pitting Donald J. Trump against Hillary Clinton – and June of 2017, right after the establishment of the Mueller Special Counsel’s Office.

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Gov’t motion DE 33 – Discovery Update – special counsel john durham

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Gee, whatever could certain FBI goons and Perkins Coie lawyers have been discussing amongst themselves via emails from January 2016 thru June 2017?

How many FBI goons involved in the Fusion GPS/Steele Dossier/Alfa Bank shenanigans retained Perkins Coie to be their counsel during DOJ IG & Durham investigations into all the leaking that went on in the buildup of the 2016 election and it’s aftermath?  I’m thinking most of them.

Remember, Perkins Coie and Hillary Clinton likely fought long and hard to keep the Perkins Coie billing records, emails, text messages and memoranda away from Durham after he subpoenaed them as part of his criminal investigation.  They lost.  Durham got all the documents. It’s why he has an air-tight case against both Sussmann and Elias for criminal conspiracy to defraud federal agencies by handing them hoaxes.    But now it’s looking to me as if Perkins Coie must have been retained as counsel for several of the FBI people who were being investigated in 2016/2017 for suspected criminal leaking of classified information.

The latest from the Durham investigation which should have been completed ages ago is not good news.  According to reports, Durham’s team only this month found out about key evidence that should have been analyzed months ago. As most Americans know, corrupt Obama officials during the 2016 Election used a false document (the Steele Dossier)…

Amazing how massively wrong Joe Hoft gets this.  Of course, if he’s getting his sense of where the Durham investigation is and where it’s headed by buying into narratives being peddled by the Lawfare blog, that’s his problem. 

Latest Actions by Durham Indicate a Broken Investigation by a Broken DOJ

Amazing just as Durham drops the fact he’s got his hands on 400+ emails exchanged by FBI personnel and Perkins Coie lawyers all related to investigations of criminal leaking and also the setting up of RussiaGate hoaxes, Sundance and his merry crewe are shitting the bed loudly trying to muddy the waters.

I don’t see anybody else out there talking about what people at the FBI could possibly be talking to Perkins Coie lawyers about during this critical 18 month period from January 2016 to June 2017, even though this filing has been public info for more than 24 hours.  But that’s why you come to me, so I’ll take a stab at it while Sundance, GP and Joe Hoft are blackpilling the world about Durham.

POSSIBILITY #1:  As the DOJ Inspector General and outside prosecutor John Durham were investigating the many related SpyGate leaks that targeted people like General Michael Flynn and Carter Page for investigation by the FBI, the FBI personnel under suspicion for being leakers retained legal counsel for their interviews with Horowitz and Durham.  And the legal counsel they picked were lawyers from Perkins Coie.

As you all know, John Durham had actually began investigating the targeted leaks against Gen. Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos by April of 2017.  We know this because Peter Strok and Lisa Page are nervously discussing in their text messages in April and May of 2017 having to sit for interviews with Durham.

When the full scope of US Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the RussiaGate Hoax is finally revealed, the sheer size of it is going to shock people.  For background about how long John Durham has actually been on the job, read this.

The text messages the Two FBI “Lovebirds” had exchanged first made their appearance thanks to Rod Rosenstein giving them to Congress in December of 2017. However, much of what was in the released text messages was still redacted. It was not until October of 2020 that Durham’s name was finally unredacted in the Strzok/Page text messages to reveal the fact he’d actually begun his leak investigation by April of 2017.

So possibility #1 for what FBI personnel and Perkins Coie lawyers are communicating about in these emails that Durham has now let the entire world know that he has in his possession is this: when Peter Strzok, Joe Pientka, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Mike Gaeta, Bill Priestap, James Baker, James Rybicki and several others became aware they were targets of a federal leak investigation being led by Durham, they hired lawyers, several of whom may have been employed at Perkins Coie.  Now, here’s the big weakness of this possibility:

Durham says in the Sussmann filing that the 400+ emails exchanged between FBI personnel and lawyers at Perkins Coie began in January of 2016. That’s over a year and three months before Durham started his leak investigation.  So whatever the FBI people and the Perkins Coie people are communicating about from January 2016 to February of 2017, it can’t be about a leak investigation by Durham.  Some of the emails exchanged after April 2017 thru June 2017 might involve Durham, but the earlier one’s cannot.  So that brings up possibility #2.

As I have been saying for 5 years now, everybody at the FBI was in on it.  They knew who Steele and Fusion GPS were working for. They knew the Steele Dossier and all the stuff coming from Steele was paid oppo research – and fake – paid for by Hillary Clinton.  It took a lot of coordination to set up the targeted leaks that hung targets on the backs of people like General Flynn and Carter Page and so on. And then it took a lot of coordination to create and then hand off the fake RussiaGate hoaxes that were then used to launch investigations of Trump and his associates.  So here’s Possibility #2:

Perkins Coie wasn’t just the middleman for hiding the money trail between the Hillary Clinton for President campaign HQ and Fusion GPS as it set about creating fake Russia/Trump hoaxes.  Perkins Coie was also acting as a middleman in hiding the coordination between certain officials inside the FBI and the Clinton campaign to target opponents based on leaks for federal investigations that were based on fake “evidence” that the FBI knew that Clinton’s paid operatives had manufactured themselves.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign people weren’t just counting on attorney/client privilege being utilized to hide the money they were paying Fusion GPS to create the Steele Dossier.  The Clinton campaign wasn’t just counting on A/C P being used to hide their communications with Perkins Coie lawyers Sussmann & Elias regarding the creation and funding of the Alfa Bank Hoax.  It goes further, people.

The Hillary Clinton campaign was also using attorney/client privilege  to hide the Clinton campaign’s direct coordination with certain FBI people.  When it came to inventing leaks against Trump & associates, and then coordinating the hand off of the fake Trump/Russia Hoaxes, the Clinton campaign was micromanaging everything from BOTH ENDS. They weren’t just getting regular updates from Sussmann & Elias at Perkins Coie, or from Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS.  They were in regular communication with their people inside the FBI. Only they were using Perkins Coie lawyers as the go betweens so they could use the attorney/client privilege to shield what they were doing from the outside world.

Possibility #2 more fully fits the timeline of the emails that Durham says his grand jury received from Perkins Coie.  The emails begin in January of 2016, just as the presidential campaign season began in earnest.