Canadian Truckers for Freedom

Here are some of the best Canadian @freedomconvoy2022 videos I’ve found – people lighting fireworks, supporters making meals for the truckers, and now we have over 600 *American* truckers joining the fight as allies with our fellow Patriots to the North. This is my favorite thing so far in 2022 #FJT🇨🇦🤝🇺🇸#FJB 


By Radiopatriot

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  1. This makes me proud of the truckers, love people making food for them. FB and Gofund me will have their days soon.

  2. Why are patriots still using Fakebook? This post is proof they shouldn’t be.

    Every.single.person. who uses it and Invade-a-gram is supporting Jacob Michael Greenberg (aka MARK ZUCKERBERG), grandson of David Rockefeller and the Klaus Schwab New World Order.

    There are enough platforms large enough to use that people who are addicted to the above platform have much, much better options. They may not have all of the daily pictures of niece Janes’ perfect baby or the cute poodle, but at least some aren’t the people trying to destroy the world as we know it.

    There is absolutely *NOTHING* important enough for me to use either of those platforms. It’s the same for YOU.

    There are no legitimate reasons to use Fakebook, unless you’re a woke libtard radical left useful idiot.

    It’s time to make that decision.

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