Jack Posobiec:

BREAKING: Ukrainian president had to correct Biden multiple times on their call today when he insisted Kyiv was about to be ‘sacked’ by Russian forces. At one point he even asked Biden to calm down.

Apparently, Biden was unaware of the talks going on this week in Paris between Germany, France, Russia, and Ukraine

We may have just caught a CNN reporter deleting a war report that exposed the truth about the White House and Ukraine

And it now looks like the White House pressured them to pull it 

The American people deserve the truth

BREAKING: CNN reporter Natasha Bertrand may have just deleted this war report after pressure from the White House

But we recovered it

Zelensky’s office is now also denying the CNN report 

At this point we cannot play any more games 

We demand the full transcript

The American people deserve the truth

BREAKING: Biden-Zelensky call did not go well amid disagreements, Biden told Zelensky Kyiv could be sacked and occupied, per CNN

Pretty clear the IC is playing wag the Biden on this Ukraine call leak

Looks like Natasha couldn’t get to Jake Tapper fast enough before he went to air with the same Ukraine report she had already deleted – big yikes!

And now I have that archived as well

CNN is now accusing CNN of spreading war propaganda on CNN 

This is where we’re at on the Ukraine call leak

Surely someone can release the Ukraine transcripts to clear all this up —it’s the new norm for presidential calls with Ukraine after all