FYI Late Nite w/Max 🌙 

-McConnell has warned Biden not to pick a Leftist or he is prepared (or believes he can) block it. He doesn’t want a moderate nominee, the Turtle wants to hold the seat open for Trump 3.0 (if we are all being honest).

-Meanwhile, Sinema just released a statement saying she wants a non-ideological nominee who supports an “independent judiciary, and can be trusted to faithfully interpret and uphold the rule of law.” Wow! That is a YUGE slap to the Senator from Hawaii. 

-Sinema is sounding more and more like a girl who broke up with her boyfriend and now wants to date his rival.

-Breyer indicated his retirement announcement will not apply if his replacement is not yet “confirmed” by June/July. 

-So, yeah. This is starting to look like it ain’t happening. Or if it does, Biden will have to pick a moderate. Moving the Court further right by default. 

Regardless, Mitch really wants that Supreme Court seat, I’ll tell you. Oh, boy. 🤣