The Great Reset Is In Full Retreat In The Face of The Great Awakening

Elites Who Enabled & Supported the Fake Antifa/BLM Rioting of 2020 Now Have A **Real** Popular Uprising On Their Hands – And They Can’t Stop It

As the current authentic popular trucker uprising in Canada is putting on full display, the global elites who openly embraced, empowered and enabled the widespread Antifa/BLM rioting of two years ago are now trapped by their own hubris.

After endlessly claiming to understand the ‘anger’ and the ‘desire for vast societal change’ supposedly driving all the Antifa/BLM thuggery, looting, arson and general all around mayhem, after openly sympathizing with the violent rioters and looters and desecrators who rampaged through the world’s cities two years past, these same elites are now loudly claiming they also know what is driving all of these ‘racist’ and ‘hate-filled’ truckers to protest their draconian pandemic policies. 

No elite authoritarian running one of these Leftist cities ever lifted a finger to seize the monies being openly solicited for the Antifa/BLM rioters on popular fundraising sites. No member of the Great Reset crowd every babbled into a media microphone that “the Russians!” must be behind the Antifa/BLM rioters. I don’t recall one blue state governor or mayor loudly declaring that the Antifa/BLM rioters were hate-filled looters and pillagers attacking the foundations of civilized society. 

At present the city of Ottawa in Canada is seeking to seize all the funds raised on GoFundMe in support of the trucker convoy protesting Trudeau’s vaccine mandate. The Big Brother Matrix Media is already running with the narrative that the trucker convoy is a ‘cult’ of ‘hate-filled racists’ out to topple sacred democratic institutions.

Everyone watching knows these same leaders stood mute over the past two years as a highly organized revolutionary movement toppled statues and looted and destroyed small businesses. They gutlessly acquiesced to rewriting history to suit the new barbarians under threat of renewed rioting.

It was bad enough watching black-clad and masked rioters toppling historic statues in our parks – or attempting to. What is worse is watching the city authorities continue the travesty by taking down more statues themselves. Like I said: the summer of rioting was just a cover that would enable the radicals in many of the countries city halls to do what they had always wanted to do, only now because of the ‘popular uprising’ of summer 2020, they could claim they were only ‘giving the people what they wanted’.

Robert E. Lee statue removed from Dallas park

And the whole time it was known this was just a handful of black-clad, thuggish losers driving all this massive and super-fast societal change.

It was all Kabuki Theater played out for the masses. Antifa/BLM were never anything more than sock puppets being used to get the vast societal changes necessary for The Great Reset kick-started in the summer of 2020. Then Antifa/BLM could fade away and the radicals inside the City Halls everywhere would take over the Great Reset from there.

There was nothing organic or grassroots about that sordid summer of Antifa/BLM rioting back in 2020. It was all highly orchestrated, very organized, very well funded and supported.

The various Antifa and BLM groups were always just a couple of thousand Commie revolutionary losers enabled and encouraged by the globalist Left authoritarians who used them as shock troops to send a message to their citizens: DO NOT RESIST OUR NEW ORDER.

We were all repeatedly told through the lying Big Brother Matrix Fake News Media that we were all watching a fiery summer of “popular grassroots uprisings” that city leaders and governors just had to enable and sympathize with.

And it was all fake. All of it.

Now reality is breaking their Fake News Matrix.>

These authoritarian goons are now faced with a real popular uprising and they can’t control it or snuff it out. No matter what they do, they only end up accomplishing two things:

they wake more people up, and they cause the protest against their bullshit to grow. 

We’re winning. The collapse the globalist narrative and the draconian measures being implemented by these cabal members doesn’t happen everywhere at once. It will happen first in prominent places all around the globe, and it will spread. It may take time to spread to your area. All you have to do is hold on until the collapse reaches you.

Very Stupid Rich People Are Behind This

President Donald J. Trump discussed the high level of funding and organization behind the riots several times,including in a televised interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, where he openly talked about the ‘very stupid rich people’ working from ‘the shadows’ who’s ‘names you wouldn’t recognize’ behind the funding and organization driving the revolutionary groups acting as the Great Reset’s shock troops.