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The city of Ottawa is not allowing porta-Potties be set up downtown, from what I was told they denied the permit request by the Convoy! They have also closed all Public restrooms, Rideau Center is closed and many smaller businesses are closed or not allowing use of their washroom! Let Mayor Jim Watson and the city of Ottawa know this is unacceptable!! They are public servants and they are supposed to work for the people!!! Paid for by OUR tax dollars! They are going after the go fund me to pay for police presence, despite the protest  being very peaceful. Contact Jim Watson ASAP and let him know you do not agree with our public tax dollars being used to;

1. sue the trucker convoy which you support,

2. pay for excess police presence 

AND demand that they allow the public washrooms on parliament to be opened as well as porta-potties to be set up!!! 

👉Contact💥💥💥💥 information for Mayor Jim Watson 

110 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1



Jim.Watson@ottawa.ca (link sends e-mail)


http://www.JimWatsonOttawa.ca (link is external)

“Canadians have been subjected to some of the most harsh conditions from their government. We’ve all been shocked, I think by what’s happened there and I’m very encouraged and grateful to see the courage of the Canadian people…” – Dr. Robert Malone

“We stand in unity with you in love and humanity around the world. What is going on is not right. And we are so proud to be associated with you.” – Dr. Ryan Cole




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