What big babies…

The whining of these Karens is pitiable. Instead of putting in earplugs and sucking it up to support those who are actually MAKING THE SACRIFICE for their freedom, they’re “hitting the breaking point.” Well waaaaaa, waaaaaa….

Vulnerable downtown residents hit breaking point as convoy enters 5th day

Ottawa resident Jo O’Connor says she’s been living a nightmare in her home just minutes away from Parliament Hill where a convoy of trucks and protesters remain for a fifth day in a row. Constant honking and noise outside her building, as well as the smell of diesel fuel, has left her sleepless. “It makes me so depressed and so sad that these people care so little about people like me, or people who are disabled, people who are immunocompromised,” said O’Connor. Jo isn’t her first name. CBC has…

A lot of us have reached our breaking point too, Karen.


“Turdeau” protest speech at Harrington Lake edited for truth by Katie Hopkins