The Morning Report – 2/3/22

—J.J. Sefton

Good morning, kids. Thursday and what more can I say that hasn’t already be said about Jumping Jack Trash Whoopi and her gas, gas, gas? I didn’t need the crystal ball of Kreskin and Nostradamus as it was instantly telegraphed that she was going to get a two-week vacation and then declared kosher for her return to Yentas on Parade, or whatever the hell that revolting, pornographic display ABC poisons the airwaves with is called. It’s nothing if not revelatory, as if we needed any more proof, of the absolute double-standard of the political-media-industrialist class that lord over us.

Ditto Jeff Zucker. He may have “resigned” but he’ll wind up somewhere else. He’s got too much money, and as a member in good standing of the globalist cause, he’ll be back again somewhere after a period of introspection – i.e., until the braindead rubes who actually watch CNN and the View, and get their news from The New York Times have moved on to the next distraction, and he can be brought out again as if nothing happened. 

It’s enjoyable to watch Zucker squirm. But don’t be fooled when Discovery Inc. posts the “Under New Management” sign. It’ll be the same old shit running what they hoped will be perceived as not the same old shit-show. They’re every bit as anti-American globalist as CNN’s previous owners and staff are/were. They’ll just try to do the Fox News “fair and balanced” schtick which that network has now abandoned, but as the saying goes, that dog won’t hunt. Thinking they can resurrect CNN’s image such as it might have been back in late 80’s is going to be a fool’s errand. The public’s perception of the media is right up there, or down there, with Congress. No wonder they’re going after Joe Rogan, whatever you may think of him, with a vengeance. He threatens their gatekeeper status on what is and what is not news and, more crucially, what is and what is not the truth. 

So with that out of the way, there are other things going on that are getting lost in the sauce and are as important as the war on truth. Because who decides what is and what is not truth gets to decide what is and what is not moral. And that ultimately will lead us directly to the ramp in Birkenau.

“Image that an adult male wants to have sex with a 12-year-old girl, imagine that she’s a willing participant. A very standard, very widely held view is there’s something deeply wrong about this, and [that] it’s wrong independent of it being criminalized,” SUNY Fredonia professor Stephen Kershnar said.

“It’s not obvious to me that it is in fact wrong,” Kershnar added. “I think this is a mistake. And I think that exploring why it’s a mistake will tell us, not only things about adult-child sex and statutory rape, but also about fundamental principles of morality.”

The professor went on to say that “the notion that it’s wrong, even with a one-year-old, it’s not quite obvious to me. . . “

. . . Kershnar is also the author of “Pedophilia and Adult-Child Sex: A Philosophical Analysis,” “A Liberal Argument for Slavery,” and “Does the Pro-Life Worldview Make Sense?: Abortion, Hell, and Violence Against Abortion Doctors.”

If you read the entire article, you’ll see that I left out a quote that would make you wretch up your guts. In fact, this animal’s entire discourse is beyond the pale. Or is it? Just stop for half a second to catch your breath and take a look at where we are as a society and a culture. This creep didn’t just slither in to SUNY Fredonia yesterday; he’s been there for 24 years. Now extrapolate that to every other college and every other school classroom, not only in the blue Sodom & Gommorrahs, but across the country and for at least 24 years and longer. I’m not going to even go into a rant about how this is an example of how they are attempting to normalize pedophilia because that’s exactly what they’re doing. Or how barely 10 years ago anyone who warned about the normalization of homosexual marriage was looked upon as Chicken Little and look where we are. And with Islam as the flip side of this horrid coin, take a look at Rotherham and you can see where this is going. 

Some of the titles of this reptile’s books hint at something far more sinister than merely what he’s outwardly promoting; the elimination of anyone who rejects or protests his worldview as necessary, justifiable and moral. Where have we heard this tune before?

There are many similarities between what Germans believed in the years before Hitler and what “woke” culture is teaching black Americans today.  Black Americans today are systematically taught that:

1. Every problem and failure in their communities is caused by somebody else, namely past or present “racist” whites.

2. Skin color makes every black American a special person who cannot be understood or represented by anyone with a different skin color.

3. Only black Americans suffered from slavery years ago and only whites were slaveowners.  Only black Americans suffer from rude or unfair treatment and insults. Therefore, black Americans can never be guilty of racism or bigotry.

4. Political power, not education, training, planning, or discipline is the only way black Americans can succeed.  Since elections have replaced wars, the Democratic Party is today’s black army.  “Ballot harvesters” are today’s soldiers.

5. Black Americans are entitled to use political power, violence, or “any means necessary” take what they “need” from those with different skin color who have more.  That can be through looting, higher minimum wages, “redistribution” or “reparations.”

This thinking caused millions of Germans to embrace National Socialism in the 1920s and 1930s.  Once National Socialists had absolute political power in Germany, there was no peaceful way to stop them.  While this was happening in Germany, very similar events were happening in Italy and Japan.  This thinking caused 14 years of world war and the deaths of some 85 million people — roughly 3% of the world’s population.  Sadly, this will happen again unless most Americans quickly understand and reject the lies and evil of this “woke” culture.

Whoopi-daisy as Whoopi creeps back into the conversation. But it is crucial to look not at her personally as the issue but her completely insane and toxic mindset. And she’s not a braindead millennial; she’s a braindead Baby-Boomer who suckled on the poisonous teat of the Great Society and took the name Goldberg because her mother thought Hollywood Jews would get a kick out of it. When you consider the organized and planned mass murder of at least 6 million human beings as a pass-the-popcorn moment because it’s whitey on whitey, then if Lord forbid a similar situation should arise in the here and now, you will at best look the other way and at worst applaud it if not pull the trigger yourself. 

Now consider why they go after Joe Rogan, or Tucker Carlson, or anyone who opposes their narrative. When you are fed a constant drumbeat of everything from America as founded was evil to pedophilia is healthy and normal and every other thing in between – without anyone to push back on that – over time, when, or even if, there actually is a voice in the wilderness that has the courage to stand up and say “I disagree,” that voice is going to be silenced while thousands cheer. How many among those thousands will be yelling their lungs out with enthusiasm and how many will be yelling even louder just to avoid the appearance of non-conformity?

There’s little difference between the “APPLAUSE” light on the set of The View and the light to tell the audience listening to Stalin that is was safe to stop applauding.