Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has joined former President Donald Trump in suggestion Joe Rogan should “stop apologizing” for his past comments voiced on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

In recent months, Rogan has been embroiled in controversy for questioning vaccine efficacy and the government’s restrictions on various COVID medications. In recent days, Rogan has faced fierce criticism for his on-air use of the “N-word” in the past.

Last Friday, Rogan posted a 5-minute apology on Instagram, expressing his “deepest, sincerest” apologies. 

Though seemingly sincere, Rogan’s apology did not keep the left from demanding thatSpotify remove Rogan from their platform.

On Monday, RTM reported that Spotify’s customer service lines were overwhelmed and had to be shut down over the weekend. 

Governor DeSantis believes that no apology will suffice when the left wants you silenced. Speaking to Fox News DeSantis said:

“No, he shouldn’t have apologized. I mean, you see what happens? The mob will come after people, and they’re targeting Rogan because he’s threatening to upset the apple cart on some of the things that they’re holding dear.”

“And with COVID, he’s just bringing opposing views. He’s letting people decide. They say he’s against [the COVID vaccine]. I do not listen to his show, but…I read he specifically advocated for people with co-morbidities and elderly to get vaccinated,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis continued: “I think a lot of the legacy outlets and I think the left fear the fact that he can reach so many people, and so they’re out to destroy him. But what I would say is don’t give an inch. Do not apologize. Do not kow-tow to the mob. Stand up and tell them to pound sand; if you do that, there’s really nothing that they’re able to do to you. The only way they have power is if you let them get your goat.”


DeSantis is amazed that the left demands Spotify de-platform Rogan because of “misinformation” when their record is on the issue is poor.   

“Well, I think when people are going to look back at this, they’re going to look at outlets like CNN, New York Times as having spewed misinformation [though] they claim to be policing it.” 

“But if you look from the beginning, who was advocating for lockdowns? CNN and New York Times. Who is advocating for school closures? Those outlets. Who has advocated for force masking of kids? Those outlets.”

Citing a recent Johns Hopkins study that found lockdowns in the spring of 2020 had a negligible impact on COVID mortality rates in both Europe and the U.S., DeSantis said:

“And then what ends up happening? Johns Hopkins does the study. Lockdowns didn’t work. You look to see masked jurisdictions do no better than unmasked jurisdictions. All the things they’ve said. It seems like you wait six, 12 months and then basically the narratives blow up. Now they will never go back and admit they were wrong. They will never go back and do a mea culpa. It’ll just move on to the next thing and craft the next narrative.”

In a subsequent joint interview with his wife, Casey DeSantis, the governor expanded on his criticism of left-leaning media, noting how many stories pertaining to former President Trump proved to be false.

“…some of these major legacy outlets ran for years with an unproven conspiracy theory about Russia collusion. And that was meant to basically divide the country. They wanted to mobilize against Trump as much as they talk about the 2020 election. They didn’t accept the 2016 election. They wanted to basically nullify that result,” DeSantis told Fox News Digital.