Found on Telegram:

“I’m watching for the day that the narrative shifts; when it dawns on our “alternative” news & SM “reporters & influencers” – as well as the general population of Patriots- that it is totally and completely insane and a colossal waste of time and energy to be focusing on all these divergent “issues” which spawn so much outrage and shock. 

The #1 thing WE ALL need to come to terms with is THIS:  All of our institutions, corporations, and every single bit of the government, as well as the people who keep the wheels greased and rolling, have been HIJACKED by the GLOBALIST AGENDA; either intentionally or by way of mass formation psychosis. 

Every single action taken from within the now corrupted system is with the intent to destroy our Constitutional Republic and make us slaves to the One World “Government”. 

In my opinion, when enough people come to terms with this truth, they will stop wasting time whining and crying and reporting in shock.  They will organize, like the Truckers, and peaceably resist, refuse to comply, even while they also put the shoulder to the wheel to create a better world; one that renews our constitutional republic and is based on integrity,  freedom, co-creation, mutual respect, liberty and justice for all.”