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They pushed the market up big in premarket this morning and are using the excuse of Russia pulling back some troops as the good news story.

As I’ve been telling everyone, there was never going to be a war. It was all a lie to change the narrative from horrible inflation and a market crash.

Here’s what’s going to happen.

The market will gap up big at the open which is bad news for the market because stocks always close their gaps.

That means it will go right back down by the end of the day or in the next few days.

What will cause it?

The Fed meeting.

We haven’t heard anything from it yet so the big boys are pushing the market up big premarket on low volume and will sell into the rally as usual.

No war narrative now.

The table is cleared and set.

The whole narrative will be about inflation now.

Biden and the democrats are screwed

Wholesale prices rise 1% in January, up near-record 9.7% over the past year

The producer price index was expected to rise 0.5% in January, according to economists surveyed by Dow Jones.


The wholesale price index was twice as high as expected in January.

Everything will be about inflation.

If the Fed waits till March they are going to crash the system on Biden and the democrats as I predicted a long time ago.

We shall see

Wholesale prices rise 1% in January, up near-record 9.7% over the past year

The producer price index was expected to rise 0.5% in January, according to economists surveyed by Dow Jones.


Trump is already waging economic war with China. There won’t be a kinetic war because China knows we’ll wipe the floor with them


And now the producer price index hit and it’s twice as high as the experts thought it would be

GOP moves to block vote on Biden Fed nominees over Raskin ties to fintech firm

Senate Republicans intensified their fight against one of President Joe Biden’s nominees to the Fed when they threatened to boycott a committee vote.


Looking like Biden’s corrupt pick for the Fed is dead in the water.


Biden has no control over anything meaningful. Devolution removed him as commander in chief. He’s playing pretend. He can only do non serious things like troop rotation to Europe which is what he just did


He wants a war but can’t start one. It was never going to happen.

The Ukraine president has been saying that for weeks.

Biden did a troop rotation. That’s it


When you realize what the deal was you will completely change your perspective on what’s actually happening.

Art of the deal.

Trump is going to break up NATO.

Putin is going to disarm Iran so they are no longer a threat.

Iran’s been really quiet.

Did you know they are negotiating with Russia leading the talks?

Trump is ending all wars around the world and Putin is helping him.

Making Earth Great Again!


Wrong. I’m sharing what I’m watching happening and you are underestimating what he’s actually accomplishing because it’s not being announced in the media.

Did the media announce Trump was negotiating a peace deal with North Korea or were they saying we were going to war with them?

Did the media announce Trump was negotiating peace in the Middle East in the Abraham accords or did it happen without them knowing?

Did the media announce Trump was negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban in which not a single American soldier died in combat from the Taliban since?

All were big surprises happening behind the scenes.

I can just see that Trump thinks a lot bigger than some people give him credit


That’s the media lie to sucker people.

There was never going to be a war.

The democrats and media desperately need a different narrative of a bear market and recession to be about a war instead of inflation which is the real reason.

This has been the worst earnings season I can remember in many years. It’s because every single company is projecting higher costs in the coming year because of inflation which kills profits and markets always look ahead not behind

WORLD SUMMIT 2022 – Summit for Peace on the Korean Peninsula Assembly

This is “WORLD SUMMIT 2022 – Summit for Peace on the Korean Peninsula Assembly” by FFWPU European & Middle East on Vimeo, the home for high quality…


Spit Ball

This is a great video if you haven’t seen it.

It’s the recent peace summit in Korea and Trump speaks at about the one hour mark which is great. Pence then Pompeo speak at about the two hour mark.

Pompeo really targets the CCP. It’s great.

Why is this such a big deal?

When Trump was elected it changed the entire world.

Our entire history has been a lie. It has been told to us minus some important facts.

Such as…

Who really started all the wars?

Who funded and raised up all the dictators?Who gets wealthy from wars while the world gets poorer?

The famous people in history have been leaders, often during war.

What’s Trump doing?

He’s ending ALL wars!

If you can’t grasp that or think it’s not possible I want you to stop and think about the things Trump has ALREADY done that just five years ago we all would have thought impossible.

Trump is ending the cabal and with that the wars they always started.

He will go down in WORLD history as the greatest peacemaker of all time.

Bet on it!


I’m going to tell you what will happen and what’s been the plan all along.

Inflation is crashing everything down on the democrats heads.

They have no answer for it.

They desperately need a war narrative.

The checkmate move that unites Americans is the market and economy crashing because of inflation.

It’s right on the doorstep.

March will be bad for them then….April Showers!

Mass arrests.

You heard it here first


Forget about Evergrande. That has nothing to do with why OUR market will crash.

Evergrande effects the Chinese market which is worse than ours. It’s a Chinese real estate developer that is bankrupt and is one of the largest real estate developers in China so when it goes under it will bring the whole economy in China down. Similar to our housing bubble in 2008.

But none of that is effecting our market or economy.

Our market and economy is effected by only one thing.

The only thing that matters is inflation.

What is inflation?

Our dollar is crashing. That’s what inflation is.

The price of everything is going up because the worth of the dollar is going down.

It’s that simple.

EVERYTHING else is just noise.

Inflation is at 7.5 % and that’s a manipulated artificially lowered number.

It’s actually higher than that.

Every American is feeling it. Not just when they go to the grocery store or gas pump but also in house prices, rent, electricity and everything else.

Inflation is out of control and the Fed hasn’t acted yet. They are too slow to respond to deal with it.

They should have raised rates months ago 

But they didn’t.


I believe the plan was to bring everything down on the democrats to destroy the democrat party.

The market is a bubble.

Since 2008 the Fed has pumped money into the market to drive it higher to make people think they were getting wealthier instead of realizing the dollar was crashing.

The game is up.

Inflation is out of control and  the Fed has to raise rates to slow the spike.

If it gets to double digits the economy will crash and they can’t let that happen so they will have to pop the bubble in the market instead. That’s what’s about to happen.

The market is over valued and about to go down to it’s actual value which will cause even more people to flee the democrat party


I marvel at the planning of all of this. I literally have never seen the enemy this helpless or even imagined they would be