So in one new filing, Durham just revealed 1) the private cybersecurity contractors with access to federal databases were also surreptitiously contracting with the Clinton campaign to create the fake Alfa Bank hoax [BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!] 2) they were also spying on the EOP illegally [BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!] 3) they were also illegally spying on six specific Trump-related targets [BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!] 4) and Durham just used this latest filing to reveal who the sixth mystery Trump target was – it was Steve Bannon.

Hearing  – #35 in United States v. SUSSMANN (D.D.C., 1:21-cr-00582) –

The filing in the Sussmann case filed by the Durham SCO last Friday:

Thanks to all who responded from the query.  Somehow returned ZERO HITS from the Sussmann indictment for Trump Associates.  But it’s there on page 9: