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I still can’t believe Putin had his cavalry trample over an old Ukrainian lady on a scooter.

Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 In Ottawa, Canada Feb 19 Part 2

Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 In Ottawa, Canada February 19 Part 2. 

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WATCH: Protesters still holding in Ottawa tonight

There are no warrants or court orders behind anything Trudeau is doing in Ottawa 

No authorization from Parliament 

Just state force

The Constitution is just a piece of paper

Ottawa was a proof-of-concept. If you think this was the last crackdown you haven’t been paying attention.

Actual photo from Ottawa

The Constitution is just a piece of paper

Poso Remembers Ottawa

Let’s just check in on the experts

Trudeau made his choice

This is his legacy


@ezralevant The officer aimed right at Alexa’s leg and discharging the weapon at the 1:03:42 mark of her live feed.

If we didn’t have social media we would have no idea what’s going on in Ottawa

they would’ve suppressed all of this

And journalists would have helped them

We will never be able to look at the Mounties the same way again

Trudeau is escalating today. They’ve taken away the horses, but the regime troops have clearly been ordered to use greater force against the peaceful Freedom Convoy

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