Trudeau could have sent the police in last night when there were far fewer protesters there 

They waited for morning to crackdown because they wanted the world to see it

Trudeau is escalating today. They’ve taken away the horses, but the regime troops have clearly been ordered to use greater force against the peaceful Freedom Convoy

We will never be able to look at the Mounties the same way again

We can see human rights violations happening in realtime right across the Great Lakes next door but half the elected Republicans want us to get involved in a Eurasian border dispute. 

Controlled opposition.

Remember Ottawa

Do not let them cover up what they did.

They were trampled

Everyone saw it

Wake up pray up.

Elderly woman on mobility scooter trampled by police horses at freedom protest in Ottawa

I’ve seen police mounted units at many, many protests and events in the United States going back to the Philadelphia RNC over 20 years ago

I’ve never seen them charge into a crowd like that anywhere in the world

Remember Ottawa 

Remember what they did this day

Trudeau must resign