Election Wizard 🇺🇸 posted:

LEAKED chat messages between Canadian police show cops are celebrating the overtime they’re earning while abusing the truckers.

These are dirty cops!! 

I’ve obtained private chats between RCMP officers. These people are evil. Here’s a thread of their private messages from Keean Bexte on Twitter:

Keean Bexte@TheRealKeean·28m

Marca, an RCMP officer who participates in the Musical Ride thinks that the video of a senior lady being throat stomped by a horse is, quote, “awesome!!!”

For the RCMP, this is all about the cash Trudeau is going to stick in their pockets.

@SROJackie is one of the Trudeau’s officers in this chat. Say hi Jackie! Enjoy your overtime, it will only cost you your soul.