Did you see the previous video of the UN Airplane? Also, I noticed in another video that the police were all wearing the same hat that had the UN Symbol or at least it had the wheat symbol in it? Has anyone been able to confirm if these are UN soldiers/police?

MG – Telegram

Martin at Telegram:

“So, these UN “cops” are being flown in and the local “cops” do nothing?  Cops are cops.  Folks in uniform could be stopped by local cops if your theory of UN “cops” is true.  Bottom line, local cops could stop this.”

Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Local cops could jump in and hopefully will if these are UN police! It’s disgusting that Trudeau has brought in these UN police most likely because he/ they know the local police couldn’t go through with the expectations of horrible treatments of Canadians!

MG – Telegram

Ok so something felt off yesterday. 

Yes there are compromised cops. We’ve unfortunately seen many of them become order followers these past 2 years… but trampling through a crowd of peaceful Protesters? Pushing forward like you represent a militant Dictatorship… 

I think its possible some of them were UN Blue Helmets. 

Face covered… name tags covered… who would ever know. Its just a thought but this video makes its feel much more plausible to me… what do you guys think?

Wolverine, [Feb 19, 2022 at 7:20:35 PM]:

They’re using rubber bullets and tear gas in downtown Ottawa, trying to clear out protesters

Ottawalks YouTube has it live