Bitcoin Wallet Providers Reject Justin Trudeau’s #FreedomTruckers Fund Freeze Order

Meanwhile, Canadian Clergy rebuke Trudeau and Canadian citizens petition for the dissolution of Parliament.

Leslie Eastman

Sunday, February 20, 2022 at 10:00am 19 Comments

Sadly, our press had gone all-in on its reporting about the Ukraine while neglecting anything but the most basic coverage of the police crackdown on the Freedom Convoy participants in Ottawa.

However, their attempts to “unite” the nation behind ‘Biden the war president’ aren’t working, and clever people who dig a little deeper can see there is a backlash building against the abuse of government power, especially the threat to people’s livelihoods and anger at the brutal tactics taken by Ottawa police. My colleague Fuzzy Slippers had an exceptional write-up about the use of horse patrols on the crowds.

Many Canadians and entities that support them are finding ways to protest the extreme and authoritative “Emergencies Act.”

To begin with, after the High Court in Ontario issued an order to cryptocurrency providers to freeze the funds of users involved in the Freedom Conway, bitcoin wallet company Nunchuk, which received a letter demanding it comply, declined to comply.

Nunchuk took aim at the order, in an epic tweet that was brutal (emphasis mine).

“Dear Ontario High Court Judge,

Nunchuk is a self-defense, collaborative, multicick bitcoin wallet. We are a software provider, not a security finance intermediary.

Our software is free to use. While protecting privacy, it helps people to eliminate single points of failure and save bitcoin as safely as possible.
We do not collect any user identification information beyond email addresses. We have no keys. Therefore:

  • “Our users’ assets cannot be disabled.”
  • Cannot “block transactions”.
  • We do not know the “presence, nature, value and location” of our users’ assets.

See how self-defense and personal keys work. When the Canadian dollar is worthless, we will be here for you.


The Nunchuk Team.

Another bitcoin outlet reacted similarly:

But these aren’t the only rebukes to Trudeau’s “Emergencies Act.”  A group of Canadian clergy sent an open letter to the Prime Minister critical of his invocation of the “Emergencies Act” and calling it “tyrannical.”

“We are writing to you as representative pastors of Christian congregations from across the nation and as law-abiding citizens who respect the God-defined role of civil government and uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the highest law of our land, which recognizes the supremacy of God over all human legislation,” read the letter, which was signed by 29 clergymen and remains open for other Canadians to sign.

…”The Ottawa protest has presented your government with a wonderful opportunity to meet with and speak to ordinary Canadians lawfully and peaceably requiring the restoration of their constitutional rights,” they wrote.

“However, in response to their singing, praying, dancing, candy floss, bouncy castles, speeches about the Constitution and outpourings of patriotic love for the country, your government has not only refused to meet with these citizens to hear their concerns, you have insulted, denigrated and lied about them, further dividing a hurting and broken nation.”

How bad must you be to get a group of mild-mannered Canadian pastors this angry at you?

Finally, there is a Change.Org petition calling on the Governor General to dissolve the Canadian Parliament. Here is a portion of the petition:

…Justin Trudeau constantly refuses to answer questions during Question Period from the official opposition representing Canadians with the desire for what the rest of the world is already doing. Lifting unproductive and damaging mandates.

The political process and current laws have failed Canadians in that due process, and Canadian laws have been manipulated by a minority government to serve the vision of the Prime Minister at the cost of Canadians rights and freedoms.

We, the undersigned, the citizens of Canada, call upon the Governor General to dissolve parliament and allow Canadians the choice on how we will move forward as a country.

And while the Governor General may not be able to dissolve Parliament, if enough Canadian voters contact their Members of Parliament, a majority of them may be persuade to take a “No Confidence” vote. In Canada, a vote of no confidence is a motion that the legislature disapproves and no longer consents to the governing prime minister and the incumbent Cabinet.

A vote of no confidence that passes leads to the fall of the incumbent government.

The quickest way to restore liberty in Canada is through Parliament. Hopefully, enough Canadians will be inspired to do so after seeing Trudeau’s actions in response to the nation’s truckers.


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