Discussion at TruthHammer’s Channel about whether or not the UN has sent over their thugs to rough up our Canadian neighbors.

Jordan Sather ⭐️⭐️⭐️

“OmG JoRdAn But U.N. planes are being spotted in North Bay Ontario!!”

Easily explainable – That’s because North Bay Ontario is home to an aviation company called Voyageur Aviation Corp that provides chartered flights for the UN and NATO. UN planes have been landing in North Bay for a long time.



“If there’s actual evidence I’d LOVE to see it… but this airport thing is overblown.”

Yes, I saw this earlier from Jordan and he’s correct. I looked it up myself. This was injected for clicks, just like you and Jordan said as well as to paint a fake narrative. These police are getting paid high dollar for doing baby Castro’s bidding and quite honestly the ones doing this most likely never gave a crap about the people anyhoo.

Agreed… let’s find out what’s really going on with the Canadian shock troops and where they were pulled from. Not buy the instant rumor of UN troops (could a false answer throw us off the trail so we stop looking??) 👇

All I know is that what happened yesterday seems out of character with the police that were there the weeks prior. Maybe it’s not nato and not the UN, but there is something going on that’s weird about it.

Great question. Many have noticed an apparent sudden change in the Canadian troops. Before looking for a foreign solution I would first wonder what national units Trudeau might already have legal control over and tell to dress up in new uniforms. Where’s he get these guys?👇


Can I ask a genuine question? This has nothing to do with that video of the plane. Nothing. I watched what appeared on be reasonable and normal cops, for days, then overnight they became jack booted thugs? Were they just waiting for the ok? I’m genuinely confused by it.


We aren’t “shutting down a theory”, we are shooting a whole in a piece of “evidence” being falsely presented out of context.. by people who KNOW what conclusions folks will jump to.

The fact that we can’t prove the troops aren’t UN troops… means nothing. The people making the case they ARE UN TROOPS are ethically and logically responsible for *proving it. You can’t throw bullshit at the wall and say it’s true unless I can prove it’s false. I’m not the one who made up the bullshit and threw it at the wall!!!!

*But instead of proving it they took a single video of an airport the UN has used every day for years and used innuendo to make a connection. THAT’S ONE OF THE LOGICAL FALACIES… LOOK IT UP. 👇


“It seems odd to me that this theory is being shut down so fast and ppl are being belittled for thinking it’s possible. Just as you say there’s no evidence, that goes both ways. Just as we can’t say for sure it’s them, you can’t say for sure it’s not”


“Shutting it down so fast”… jeez. God save us from how easy it is for anybody to mislead us by feeding us absolutely anything that fits our pre-existing bias. No wonder the Deep State was so successful in controlling us for so long.

We must learn to discern 100% of the time… not just when something doesn’t align with our own bias.

Yes, I am OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY that Trudeau would use UN Troops. I even agree it’s LIKELY.

The idea fits my own BIAS. It makes sense, it seems possible. Part of me wants it to be true, so maybe the UN gets exposed for medling in this.

I’m extra suspicious when people feed me a story that fits my own existing bias, and then uses fake evidence to get me to accept it.

I’ll wait for some real evidence before believing this one.

“God save us from how easy it is for anybody to mislead us by feeding us absolutely anything that fits our pre-existing bias.”

…aplies to every single one of us.


Most of us spent the majority of our lives inside false public narratives, and we nearly all have family members still in that condition. 😭🙏😡


There are people making money off clickbait. They consider it a valid business model because it works. That will be true as long as free speech exists. And as long as they exist some of us will call them out for it. Only thus can anything remotely resembling a ‘truth movement’ police itself.

However, we need to learn to do it while holding compassion in our hearts for those with whom we disagree, because ALL OF US at some time or another have been the victim of false information that we thought was true.

And that’s the root of Lucifer’s power over the world. As long as he can stir people up against each other with false information… it will cause all kinds of ripples of disagreement and conflict in human behavior.

Until everybody learns to use the Spirit as the ultimate compass of truth (probably not happening in this life)… we will have to rely on public debate and the contest of ideas to ferret out truth from falsehood.

If there’s no debate… then we’ve already lost the war.