When you spend a week telling everyone that Russia is about to invade Ukraine and the opposite happens…


So, let me get this right …

The Queen’s treatment protocol is released, and it just so happens that Ivermectin is included. 

NOW – Putin: Russia recognizes the independence of breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.

And then, to top that off, Putin gives a speech in which he basically dipped his nuts all over the Deep State’s hopes for war. 

NOW – Putin signs the decree that recognizes the independence of DPR and LPR regions. Separatist leaders are in the room.

Whew. Team DS is having a REALLY shitty Monday. 🤭

–AbsoluteConviction 1776 – Telegram

NOW: Fireworks light up the night sky in Donetsk after the Russian President signed a decree recognizing the region’s independence

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