Feb 20, 2022

Early voting is happening now in Texas. I’m going to go vote tomorrow.

Whatever the results are will stand.

I’m on record saying the election will be overturned before the midterms and I still believe that.

But until that happens, politics will play out the same as it always has and people need to be engaged, informed, active and go and vote.

Our part is to take our power back locally.

As I’m posting this me and my wife are sitting in a small town called Midland and at a political question and answer session with politicians running for office against the main candidates in our state including local offices. 

It’s being hosted by Seth Keshel who is doing an outstanding job.

Get involved. 

We are not just digital soldiers fighting for truth but responsible for holding our local politicians to truth also.

These types of experiences are what light the fire in the belly for Americans to take our power back.

Trump’s gonna take care of the federal part and the cabal part.

Our part is within our state.


Feb 20, 2022

They can fake numbers but only so much. Inflation is not going down anytime soon and the American people are gonna punish democrats for it.

Feb 20, 2022

We met some great people!! Heard from some great candidates. The fire is lit in America and from what I see the types of candidates running are going to bust up the status quo.

Feb 20, 2022

Second largest Swiss bank has leaked info supposedly from a whistleblower of 18,000 accounts opened dating back to 1940 that were secret accounts from dictators and criminals.

Switzerland, home of the crooked banks and Rothschilds.


Wonder who is leaking this info?

We have it all!


Feb 20, 2022

It automatically download to my phone too!!!!!

I’m about to start dropping truth bombs like crazy when this thing goes live!!!

Feb 21, 2022

It’s not live for most people. We are signed in with our accounts but waiting for the door to be open to participate.

Some are able to use the site because they are working the bugs out.

The person I know involved in the beta testing can use the platform and already followed me even though I can’t use it yet.

Feb 21, 2022

I love Spitballers!!

Feb 21, 2022

Never Hunt Mosquitos with a Shotgun Bob Moriarty …

Feb 21, 2022

Here’s a great article from Bob Moriarty who is also a great resource when it comes to gold mining companies.

He gives his take on world events happening.

Good read


Feb 21, 2022

Spit Ball 

Many people forget what actually triggered the housing bubble to burst back in 2008.

It’s the same thing that’s going to trigger the market bubble burst.

But here’s the thing.

It’s so much worse now than in 2008.

Now it’s an everything bubble.

Back in 2008 the housing bubble had been inflating for many years creating a fake wealth effect. How bad did it get?

You didn’t need a job to buy a house. They weren’t even verifying income.

There were stories of multiple people buying several houses with no jobs and renting them out to people.

In my own personal life I had a friend who was a real estate agent and started his own house building company because they were selling so fast. He kept telling me he could build me a big house and he could get me the loan regardless of income, credit or anything.

And they started booting people out of apartments and selling them as condos.

At that point I knew the bubble was about to burst.

It was insanity.

There were many reasons why the housing bubble began but I want to talk about the one thing that triggered the bursting of the bubble and the same reason why the everything bubble is bursting now.

What’s that one thing?

The price of oil.

When oil gets up to $100 a barrel it effects everything.

When gas prices spiked back in 2008 all the people sitting in houses they couldn’t afford had a choice to make.

Put gas in your car to go to work or make your house payment.

They stopped making their house payments.

This time around it’s effecting everything.


It’s the Petro dollar.

It’s directly tied to the price of oil.

Oil is spiking because the dollar is crashing.

What accelerated that?

Biden’s first month in office.

Remember what he did?

Moratorium on oil production and canceled the pipeline.

There was only one direction oil and gas prices were going to go.

But the difference between now and 2008?

Trillions in printed dollars and we’re still printing.

The crash will happen on Biden’s watch.


No coincidences.

Feb 21, 2022

Don’t worry. Trump’s plan was to crash the corrupt system on the democrats so he can replace it.

Feb 21, 2022

It was insane. I learned a valuable lesson back then.

When I start to hear the excitement in my personal life unexpectedly from people then I know the bubble is close to bursting.

Crypto was the same way.

Had people at work suddenly all excited about crypto and talking nonstop about it “after” it’s first big run up. They were taking out loans to buy it. One guy took money out of his house to buy against my warning.

The money was already made and the suckers are the ones that get excited at the end of the bubble.

Same thing recently happened with the stock market.

People who’ve never talked stocks as long as I’ve worked with them are asking me if the market is going to go back up.

They are down big cause they bought at the top.

That told me the market bubble has burst already.

Feb 21, 2022

Plus the most important part.

The wealthy elite making all the money also own the news channels/financial channels and media.

The media pumps the market of any bubble at the top so the suckers buy because the wealthy need someone to sell to as they take their profits. They know how powerful herd mentality is and use it at the top of every bubble.

Feb 21, 2022

I think the cabal needs a war as a distraction from inflation and the crashing central banking system.

I don’t think they’ll get one.

Ukraine put troops on their border before Russia ever did. The media won’t tell you that. Putin is protecting his border.

The war was supposed to start last week. Even the week before that.

It’s Ukraine fighting their own people in part of the country that sides with Russia.

Ukraine is completely corrupt.

Feb 21, 2022

It’s all going to be fine. Trump has ended the wars.

Feb 21, 2022

Inflation will now be the story on a daily basis even in the liberal media.

Democrat poll numbers are about to collapse more.

Feb 21, 2022

New Rasmussen poll is out.

How’s Trump’s plan of destroying the democrat party going?


The democrat party is crumbling before our eyes.

13 point advantage for Republicans over Democrats.

I have never seen it that large!

And guess what?

Inflation is about to take center stage and crash the market.

What comes after that?

The election fraud is fully exposed then mass arrests.

If you think the democrat party will survive this you are mistaken.

That party will be toxic.

Best thing to happen to the country.

Feb 21, 2022

Wise saying…..

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!

Carry on friends.