Some folks think so. I wouldn’t be surprised either.


Here’s my SB on what Putin is doing. 

These moves by Putin are brilliant. Almost the exact same maneuver he pulled on Obama over the Crimea. The People of the area voted to be annexed to Russia. Just like what just happened with these two States. Now he will move his security force and set up to defend those States. 

Nothing the DS can do about it because the Ukraine is not a part of NATO. That was in the works when Trump became President. He killed the move. And we have already seen half of the NATO countries refuse to get involved. 

Here’s an interesting fact. Never in history has the US and Russia ever fired a shot at each other. Maybe some undercover stuff but nothing in the open. 

Russia has caused issues over the years with our CIA/Military trying to completely take over the World. Maybe knowing how corrupt our CIA is? 

There was a time at the start of WW2 where Russia was going to join with Hitler but he stabbed them in the back immediately. We have fought two world wars as allies. 

So I have for years contended that Russia isn’t the country that our media and politicians have created the image of them. In fact on whole the Russian people love Americans. Not so much our government. With good reasons. I don’t care much for them either.


I agree, and truth be known, Trump and Putin already had this set up. What it does is to squeeze the DS into a smaller box. The WH are getting ready for the kill shot.


I was thinking the same thing today. If Ukraine is headquarters for Soros and DS, then Putin will be the one who makes the big reveal, when he uncovers the evidence there! Trump will be on sideline for optics. I also don’t remember what year Trump or Secretary of defense removed CIA use of our military in any operations outside of US. But that means they are on their own in Ukraine, which would explain why they were trying to join NATO to have a little military to help them carry out their corruption. This is going to be easy for Putin. NCSWIC.