After 25 Deaths, $1-$2 Billion in Damages, and Over 2,000 Policemen and Policewomen Injured, US Companies Have Contributed or Promised Nearly $1 Billion to BLM and/or Social Justice Groups.

Black Lives Matter burned Washington DC in the summer of 2020. In the summer of 2020 alone, massive destruction, police injuries, and deaths occurred across the country.  These events were predominantly Black Lives Matter (BLM) Events.  Despite all this, nearly $1 billion has been promised or already donated to social justice organizations since then.

Corporate sponsored to Domestic Terrorist Corporations, BLM seems to be following the Communist play book…infiltration & subversion. 


The top 10 companies in the list of donors we obtained have promised $378 million to social justice groups.”

Adidas – 120,000,000

YouTube – 101,000,000

Apple – 100,000,000

Alphabet – 12,000,000

Amazon 10,000,000

Verizon – 10,000,000

Facebook – 10,000,000

Cisco 5,000,000 –

Disney – 5,000,000

Niantic – 5,000,000

        TOTAL — $378,000,000

Wondering if the next layer… or the next … in the corporate shell game leads us to Blackrock, Vanguard, and Arabella? 

Not included in the apparent-alleged criminal collusion… NFL and NBA, nearly $1 billion is promised to social justice groups after the BLM riots and related deaths and destruction.