Today is yet another no good, very bad day for the Deep State and the global Cabal.

-Russia is not backing down from NATO

-Russia has recognized the breakaway Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk

-Putin got his wins (friendly buffer states, friendly port of Mariupol, permanent realignment of his forces West of Moscow

-Biden has taken an embarrassing loss here. He looks weak and incompetent at home and on the world stage. (because he is)

-Truth Social has begun its rollout

-The polling for Dems is HORRIBLE!

-Canada overreached last weekend. It’s a massive red pill to many who were still asleep.

-There’s about a half dozen or more stories of Swamp draining that I haven’t even gotten to yet

Blackpillers, Shills, and Trolls are sure to be out in force in an attempt to bring us down. Don’t let ’em. Count the wins and stay positive.