The US did fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab in China. Fauci and Daszak and Collins covered it up.  Is it really that much of a stretch of the imagination that despite having unleashed COVID on the world, the same sorry crew was still developing new bioweapons right on the Russian border at US built-and-funded bioweapon labs in Ukraine?


1) This thread will breakdown source material between America’s top scientists and health officials @NIH , recently made available via FOIA. Thanks to @Jim_Jordan and @JamesComer , we have the emails sent to Fauci and Collins pertaining to C19 origin.…

The US bioweapon research industry is suppose to be used for ‘defense only’, of course. Studying bioweapons to learn how to prepare and defend against them. But in the case of COVID, Fauci and Co. repurposed US funding  to gain of function research on bat coronaviruses that then either escaped from a lab in China or was deliberately released.

If you think COVID-19 was deliberately released from the Wuhan lab, and the same Fauci/Daszak/WEF crew that run our viral research labs across the world are also running bioweapons labs in Ukraine, if I were Putin I’d have been warning them get that shit off my frontier also.

A US ground invasion of China to seize all the bioweapons labs there was always out of the question. But if you want prove that US funded bioweapons labs under Fauci/Daszak/Collins/WEF control actually were doing highly illegal gain of function research on viruses, you’d get Putin to seize the bioweapons labs and the evidence for you.  Just a current theory I’m developing.

Who believes if they were doing this, that Fauci/Daszak/Collins/WEF, out of all the bioweapons labs the world over that they are funding and in control of, they were only doing the illegal gain of function research in Wuhan, nowhere else?

Putin has long been a thorn in the side of the NWO/WEF cabal.  The fact the same merry crew that unleashed a viral weapon on the world from China – deliberately or not – were running bioweapons labs on his border and wouldn’t stop it when he demanded it very likely could be a key consideration that led to this present conflict.

If my theory is correct, you’re gong to want to keep an eye on Fauci, Daszak, Collins and the rest of the cabal that were in charge of funding and directing illegal gain-of-function research on viruses at the US-funded bioweapons facilities the world over.

One very valid objection to this theory is this: If Putin is sending missiles to blow up bioweapons facilities, that’s seems….counterproductive.

There could a difference between blowing up the bioweapons labs themselves and blowing up the defenses around the bioweapons labs. Remember this isn’t 20 years ago where you had a 25-50 foot deviance as to where you guided munition went.  When they call this stuff precision ordinance now it’s accurate.

Lots of theories making the rounds this morning about Ukraine, and why the particular sites that were bombed were chosen. Could these theories have merit? Maybe; too soon to know. I’ll keep an open mind.  What I would focus on is: which Twitter accounts surfaced these ideas first? How long have they been around? Who follows whom? What were these accounts tweeting about last week, last month, last year?

What if Putin already got everything he wanted out of the facilities, rendered them safe, then blew them up to keep them from being used again?

Those facilities cannot be replaced without the commitment of hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild the buildings and replace the very expensive equipment

We’ve had precision munitions since the first Iraq war. You can take out an air defense unit right next to your building and leave the building untouched

The purpose of a New World Order is to consolidate power among the elite, I think we can agree on that. No more vying for control with peasants. 

To achieve this NWO you must get rid of boundaries between nations and you must punk out nationalistic identity. 

Erase the borders, rise of populism, control the media, dispense with religion and family social order, crash the economy, digitize fear. All the good stuff we see these days. 

Democracies are too messy, Constitutional republics are too powerful, Decentralized control is inefficient. Who wants to bother with recall elections and insurrections and voting machines if you don’t have to?

You have to centralize control in the hands of a committee where you can dispassionately guide the ship without all the hubbub from the little people.  

We need to stop thinking of this war terms of communism/socialism/democracy. This is Globalism or Not Globalism. 

It’s a big club, and you’re not in it. George was profane, profoundly irreverent, and often painful to watch. 

But he got this one right.