I really have a feeling that Trump and Putin are much closer that meets the eye.  I’m very much on board with Putin on this right now…if not for the speculation above of a bio-lab, at least for all the trafficking running thru Ukraine AND the back room deals for Hunter and The Big Guy. I think this is good for the US and the world. Just painful right now.

That kind of binary thinking is the problem. There are no good guys and bad guys. 

Putin does what is best for Putin. There is no secret pact or alliance between Trump and Putin. 

This is about Russias national security. 

It just so happens that it involves cleaning up a bunch of US and NATO corruption as well.

We can allign on that without conceding that Putin is good…because he is not. 

However, he is doing what is best for Russia just as we would want to do what is best for the US.

It would be safe to assume that some of the incriminating evidence is already in the right hands. Otherwise how would we know Ukraine is the cabals money laundering hub. I have a feeling if the west keeps their distance we’ll see even more evidence and corruption exposed. The Clintons and Bidens etc are being very measured as of late.

Did Zelensky push Biden away from the situation and tell Biden it was all under control because Zelensky ALSO wanted the #USBiolabs out of Ukraine?! And he needed Putin’s help?

Is this why they didn’t intercept the missiles that flew all the way across to western Ukraine?