Pentagon to deploy an additional 7,000 US troops to Germany in the coming days. — Disclose TV

Sometimes events are too big and happen too quickly to find immediate clarity and an answer for every question. That’s okay. The mainstream media offers clarity and certainty. The downside is they’re always wrong and usually it’s intentional. Reject that in favor of patience. Allow the uncertainty to diminish over time with new information. Having an answer now isn’t more important than arriving at the right answer later. Be okay with that.

So now that it has begun, let me share my thoughts on the Russian incursion of Ukraine. 

Zelensky was a drain-the-swamp candidate much like Trump and I believe he wants to do that. 

That being said, Putin has made it clear that Neo-Nazi fascist elements AND deep state corruption must be dealt with. It is a national security and strategic move for Putin to remove this vulnerability from near its borders. 

Did Putin invade to help Zalensky in his effort to drain the swamp or because he failed? We will probably know the answer to this when its over. 

In 2014 the Ukraine President flirted with NATO and Russia offered billions in loan guarantees…did Zalensky do the same?

Either way, the L goes to NATO, Bidens, Burisma, Khazarian mafia, CIA, Neo-Nazis, MI6, Pelosi, Clintons, the Vatican, Romney, and Kerry. — Biernutz