What do we know?

The people operating that account are Trump’s inner circle.

Q: What was Q? (in abstract terms)

A: A back-channel so folks in-the-know could drip info to the people without being filtered through the media

What does the new @q channel represent? Possibly the same thing.

We just have NO way of knowing if the people staffing that channel NOW are the same ones who did it before.

But think about who the boss still is. πŸ‘ˆ

What happens if the same inner circle who ran Q, now post as @q, while joking about it to troll the media?

Carry on posting again while also daring the media to prove it was them before?

How did this @q know to make their first post about Chernobyl right before Russia would capture Chernobyl?

Is this account gonna keep dropping situational inteligence clues, while able to deny being the “real Q”?

How would Q operate right under Biden’s nose and troll him?

Is this the solution for that dilema?

Gonna get spicy?

— TruthHammer

And this:

This is for those of you waiting to get into Truth Social.

With Trump having 50.4k followers, I’m guessing there’s around 90 – 95k users based on the app waiting list # being the correct #. The reason I believe the email waiting list # is wrong is becasue some people have a # less than 50K and aren’t in yet while Trump already has more followers.

I noticed that during peak hours the app gets a little buggy, which means they are fixing bugs and treating the app as a Beta test right now with everyone in it as a tester. 

Also the majority of users in Truth right now are anons. The posts that get the most likes and retruth’s are Q posts. The big named checkmarked accounts are ReTruthing their posts just to keep up with Q. This makes me think they are building up Q related accounts before bringing more people in so people will forced to take the Q narrative seriously. 

Hopefully they open the flood gates soon!