When Will Trump Return? Durham & Devolution? Nuclear Football?

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Patel PatriotFeb 17

Good morning everybody!

Wanted to send an update to you all. Even though I’m not always posting articles here, I have been extremely busy and putting out a bunch of information in my power hours so I want to make sure you’re in the loop on a few of my recent videos.

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I’m going to mention a few videos that might interest you and then I’ll give some detail about a few of my power hours below.

Some Videos of Interest

Every Friday night at 9pm EST I cohost “The Liberty Den” with The Kate Awakening and Beer at the Parade. This is always a good time filled with interesting conversation. This last Friday (2-11-22), we started the show by Interviewing Zak Paine “Redpil 78” before going on to discuss a myriad of topics. 

Watch here: https://rumble.com/vuphpt-the-liberty-den-w-special-guest-zak-paine-redpill-78.html?mref=nmtun&mc=4m0ok

Tuesday (2-15-22) I joined The Alpha Warrior Show for an interview. This was my second time joining the show and the host, Alfredo, once again came prepared and asked some great questions.

1st interview (11-17-21): https://rumble.com/vpcavq-episode10-devolution-wspecial-guest-patel-patriot.html

2nd interview (2-15-22): https://rumble.com/vv14sa-episode24-devolution-part-ii-wspecial-guest-patel-patriot.html

Last night, The Kate Awakening interviewed Jordan Sather on the topic of Psyops and who to trust in the movement. As always, Kate was prepared with some great questions. Another show well worth your time to watch.

Psyops and the Information War: https://rumble.com/vv44aa-tka-live-w-jordan-sather-psyops-and-the-information-war.html?mref=nmtun&mc=4m0ok

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Power Hours

I’m going to discuss my 3 latest Power Hours because all 3 are packed full of information.

Saturday (2-12-22): I started this show by interviewing The Kate Awakening and discussing her background. We then get into memes and memetic warfare! 

Following the interview, I dive into the bombshell from the Durham investigation that the Clinton’s were spying on Trump while he was in office. 

I do my best to connect Spygate to devolution and the election theft. This episode laid the ground work for my next two so definitely worth your time. All of the scandals perpetrated against Trump are connected. Check out this email from the wikileaks dump, dated 1 month before Trump announced his run for office. I discuss the importance of this email during this power hour.

Watch here: https://rumble.com/vus6qg-devolution-power-hour-special-guest-the-kate-awakening.html?mref=nmtun&mc=4m0ok

Monday (2-14-22): In this episode I breakdown all the possibilities for Trump to make his return. I give provide my personal belief on when he comes back and breakdown all the laws that give evidence to his other options. I also once more breakdown Pence’s constitutional role during the Electoral College Vote and why he did exactly what he was supposed to do.

After discussing when Trump might return, I discuss the reason he is still waiting. People need to wake up, and the narratives that the MSM once controlled so strongly are all starting to crumble.

Watch here: https://rumble.com/vuy6x5-devolution-power-hour-when-will-trump-make-his-return.html?mref=nmtun&mc=4m0ok

Yesterday (2-16-22) was a very interesting Power Hour. I had a lot of fun putting this one together and it really is just part 1 of what could be a 2 or 3 part series. 

I start by going over Trump leaving office with the Nuclear football.

I go on to discuss why Trump kept saying the Spanish flu started in 1917 when we know it actually started in 1918. Why was he asking for people to look into the “Oranges of the investigation”? Why did he claim his father was born in Germany when he was actually born in New York?

Like usual, Trump had a reason for everything he did. It relates to this brilliant series which I urge you to check out after watching this power hour: How are JFK, Reagan and Trump Different from the Rest? (substack.com)

I then dig into the Durham timeline and mix in some key elements of the Devolution timeline.

It’s interesting to see where Covid and the Ukraine Impeachment fit in.

Mueller testified before the House Judiciary and intel committees on July 17th and made us realize what a farce his special counsel was. The Deep state knew Spygate wasn’t getting rid of Trump.

They needed to do something!!

On July 25th, Trump has the phone call with Zelensky that launched his first impeachment.

Aug 12th – Whistleblower complaint filed

Sometime between August and September 12th, Covid gets released from WIV. 

Also note that Nancy Pelosi announced the formal impeachment inquiry on the same day it was reported Durham assumed parts of the Huber investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

The next day, September 25th, we learn Durham was exploring Ukraine’s involvement in the Spying on the Trump campaign.

All of this is connected and I will dig in to the second half of this timeline in my next power hour. There will be lots more pieces of Devolution that fit in.

Watch here: https://rumble.com/vv4a20-devolution-power-hour-durham-and-devolution.html?mref=nmtun&mc=4m0ok

Patel Patriot


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