Election Wizard:

Russia is going soft on Ukraine. Look no further than the fact Ukrainians can still make phone calls and access the internet. That’s a big risk for an invasion force. Russia possesses the capabilities to wipe out the civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. But yet they haven’t.

The question, of course, is why? Why is Russia going easy? Is it because of military blunders or something different? Putin said his war was with the regime in Kyiv, not the people, and not even the Ukrainian military.

Patel Patriot:


“They rig an election and they’re gonna get another 3 more years?”

“Well I think a lot of things are happening and a lot of very positive things are happening… what should happen, the plan that we’re on now and I think a plan that’s going to make people very very happy, we’ll be announcing sometime later and that’s really what should happen”

“We’ll be bigger and better and stronger than ever before. Something’s going to happen”

“They’ve undone some of it, not all of it, they’ll never be able to do all of it, because we’ll be acting long before they can do all of it.”

“In summation and in closing as your President”


I don’t about you but I’m feeling pretty confident about how this ends. 

Check out devolution.link and you can feel that way too.