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@JLF538 Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that I would trust a Russian over an American! Congratulations NWO elites you have ruined our world! I hope GOD strikes all of you dead and soon!LikeReplyRepost···View 2 replies

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@JLF538 The corrupt Deep state CIA … I hope they lose Billions and all hang.LikeReplyRepost···View 1 reply

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@JLF538 Putin put out all the US owned labs making warfare germs on his doorstep. But he’s the bad guy and aggressor.

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@JLF538 Putin working with Trump to take down all of the deep state players world wide.LikeReplyRepost···

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@JLF538 Fake media lies. Ukraine biolabs with anthrax, smallpox, ebola, Black Plague etc are presently being wiped out. Putin is trying to save us all, but media paints Putin as the bad guy. This is the same media who has lied to you for the last 2 years about Covid Scamdemic and wearing masks an mandates all of which is illegal.

Date of Upload is 👇💥 Dec 28, 2020 👇💥👇💥👇💥👇💥

Ukraine Officials Release Intense Allegations and PROOF Against Joe Biden Press Conference Subtitles