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Our MSM programmed us into thinking Putin is evil.  Putin has good morals.  He even threatened that he would personally take down Facebook if they continue to allow pornographic material.  He wouldn’t allow LGBTQ organizations to come into his country either.  His people adore him.  Remember when ISIS blew up one of his commercial airplanes?  He bombed them for 30 days.  People said he was a murderer, but he said he did what he had to do for his people.  Well, ISIS left him alone after that.

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“Grennell is going to sell the “Biden’s weakness and mismanagement caused this.” Do NOT expect to see any players on Team Trump give straight talk about bioweapons labs or Putin being a white hat.  The normies will never accept it, so they are given a narrative they can embrace where they reject Biden and want a strong US foreign policy again. We’ll know what really happened. It may never be publicly acknowledged.  But the cabal loses Ukraine, the bioweapons lab, and then gets exposed and prosecuted, and the narrative will be “Biden’s weakness caused a war that ended up exposing all of this.”

“This is a disaster…We didn’t have to have this situation unfold,” says former Acting Director of National Intelligence #RichardGrenell. 

The #RussianMilitary has reached Kyiv, the capital of #Ukraine, with fighting and heavy bombing in the city, and Vladimir #Putin has urged the Ukrainian army to overthrow their government.  

At the 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference (#CPAC2020) in Orlando, we sit down with Richard Grenell, former U.S. ambassador to #Germany, to discuss how the Russian invasion could have been prevented, Germany’s refusal to take a hard line on Russia, and how U.S. policies have fueled a Russia-#China alliance. 

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