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Summary of funds spent on these US DoD Biolabs in Ukraine:

Kiev Lab $2,109,375.23 USD

Dnipropetrovsk Lab #1 $1,810,547 USD

Dnipropetrovsk Lab #2 $1,935,557 USD

Lviv Lab #1 $1,734,971 USD

Lviv Lab #2 $1,927,158 USD

Zakarpartska Lab $1,920,432 USD

Ternopil Lab $1,755,786 USD

Kherson Lab $1,728,822 USD

Vinnytsia Lab $1,504,840 USD

Luhansk Lab $1,746,312 USD

Kharkiv Lab $1,638,375 USD

Investigations into US Pentagon DoD Bio Labs:

https://archive. ph/JPxpJ

https://archive. ph/7kglp

https://archive. ph/p96ay

https://archive. ph/tC8Ed

US Air Force was collecting Sinovial RNA Samples from Russians, and excluding Ukrainians:

https://archive. is/Adl3W#selection-241.0-241.8

https://archive. ph/8x7X7

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

Time stamp 19:46 is good context, as is 24:08 where Putin speaks about the sinovial tissue gathering https://youtu.be/_8hQi2Zv1L0?t=1186 [Embed]

Articles on US DoD Biolabs:

https://archive. ph/JPxpJ

https://archive. ph/p96ay

https://archive. ph/fVtcf

Soros in Ukraine

https://www.aim. org/media-monitor/soros-in-ukraine/ play the soundbite

Pg 3. https://web.archive. org/web/20181101023507/http://www.stcu.int/documents/reports/distribution/tpf/ipf/bio/ua/pdf/UAPRI_IPF_Odesa_Ukraine.pdf

US Official narrative is setting up a false flag narrative against Russia

https://thebulletin. org/2022/02/us-official-russian-invasion-of-ukraine-risks-release-of-dangerous-pathogens/


…Sierra Leone

>The company’s international footprint includes operations in nearly 20 countries and offices in San Francisco, Canada, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For more information, visit http://www.metabiota.com.

https://archive. ph/vmqzD

Black & Veatch built these labs and appears to be a shitty contractor, articles on them:

https://archive. ph/maqJz

https://archive. ph/ADc5E

https://archive. ph/S9U9Y

https://archive. ph/CDAfB