My sister and I are all about organizing our homes, consolidating things (like leftover foodstuffs , for example) to make the best use of space and keeping things neat. Like making sure the kitchen is clean and everything’s been put away before heading to bed. Coffee maker is ready for the morning, dishes have been put away, everything’s wiped down, things in their place.

Because of that, when we sometimes share a kitchen, we work well together. I admit she’s more of an expert on kitchen efficiency, finding appropriate places to set up the coffee station, just the right place for dishes, pot/pans and kitchen utensils etc so where they “live” makes sense and saves time and steps. Our mantra is “organize and consolidate!”

And because I like things neat and ordered, many times I jokingly refer to myself as having OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — even though I really don’t.

She emailed me this image today and it made me smile. It is so true. It hit home. Like her, when my surroundings are organized and tidy, I’m happy. I’m lifted up. I’m at peace. I feel satisfaction that I’m in control of my world.

Now… if I could just get my husband the “Yankee Hoarder,” a man who won’t part with a thing, who collects and collects, who hangs on to everything (definition of a Yankee? “Waste not, want not”, i.e. never throw away anything you might…might… need tomorrow) and whose resulting messy clutter makes me nuts) to adopt the principle called out below… (sigh) … my life could be a dream, sh-boom, sh-boom.