I didn’t watch it, did you? I was otherwise occupied (clipping toenails, washing hair, anything else but…)

However, some of our friends on Telegram toughed it out and came back with reports. This one by our favorite Joe Lange is the best of the bunch.


Big takeaways from Biden’s State of the Union address.

The State of the Union is a big moment.

It can be an historic moment.

It can unite the American people.

It can build on momentum.

It can reverse the fortunes of a president and his party.

It’s a great opportunity.

What did the political landscape look like before this speech?

Was Biden gaining popularity or losing it?

How about his party?

Their poll numbers were cratering and have been for a straight year.

Did this speech change any of that?

Biden is a millstone around the democrats neck going into a midterm election that everyone is saying the democrats are going to get crushed.

Biggest advantage for Republicans in the generic poll that I have seen in my life.


Biden told us why in his speech.

He tried his best to reverse everything.

He’s weak.

He started out talking tough on Russia trying to change that narrative of him with the American people.

Anybody think it worked?

Anybody think Putin is scared?

He made a huge deal of being “for funding the police.”


Crime is through the roof. Democrats don’t want to prosecute crimes and they are on record wanting to defund police.

Americans still know that.

Did Biden change that at all?


Biden gave a laundry list of spending.

All dead on arrival in the Senate. 

Did any of it get the normies to switch back to Biden?

No way.

How about him coming out for securing the border?

Did that convince any normies after they’ve watched a year of Biden allowing illegals to flood the border?

Of course not.

He barely touched on inflation by saying he was going to cut costs of everything from daycare to shipping.

But how.

All of it is skyrocketing under his leadership.

So his speech is done.

What changed?


Are the democrats any better off tonight?

Is Biden?

This is the first day of March.

I believe it’s the beginning of the end.

March Madness has begun.

April showers are coming!