“Q team influence cannot be overstated. The ripple effects of those drops have permeated the atmosphere and changed the paradigm for everyone, whether we realize it or not. That was the intent. Once we, the truth seeker, notice the ripple effects of change (whether or not we attribute anything to the Q team), it ultimately comes from God working in our hearts. 

We are seeing collaboration on the highest level, and that’s why we will win. God is with us. The satanic leaders know they’ve lost but refuse to accept it. So as we enforce the victory at all costs, celebration will be far reaching and endure. This strangely glorious war has our full attention because we are truth seekers. It’s wonderful.”

–JoAnn Keep the Faith Pappas, Telegram

Joe Lange:

We see things completely opposite. You should turn off the media completely. It’s all coming out with the wrong perspective.

Go listen to JustHuman livestream from yesterday and I’ll bet you get a completely different perspective.

Ukraine is completely corrupt.

They are the cabal/Soros playground.

Putin is actually the good guy and so are the Russian people.

Putin is going out of his way to do as little damage to Ukraine as possible.

There’s a reason.