You’re exactly right JJ! Everything he said was a red pill. He’s to blame for everything and for people watching him take credit for Trump stuff and try to paint everything rosie I believe the democrats poll numbers dropped even more.

When he said he was for border security I laughed like crazy.

Nobody believes that.

Same with him pushing hard to be pro police.

The American people know he’s lying and they are turning from them in the millions.

Good morning too!😁


Fed chairman Powell speaks before congress today.

Is he going to get a grilling on inflation out of control?

Price of oil now $110

Brent crude $113

It’s gonna hit $125 in another week or so.

The inflation tsunami is coming my friends


Eventually that’s what will happen but Trump is completely degrading and destroying the enemy first.

There won’t be much resistance when the time comes


We see things completely opposite. You should turn off the media completely. It’s all coming out with the wrong perspective.

Go listen to JustHuman livestream from yesterday and I’ll bet you get a completely different perspective.

Ukraine is completely corrupt.

They are the cabal/Soros playground.

Putin is actually the good guy and so are the Russian people.

Putin is going out of his way to do as little damage to Ukraine as possible.

There’s a reason


You are echoing false evidence.

You also think that NATO and the EU are the good guys.

You are mistaken.

Putin was actually the only one fighting against the cabal before Trump.

The cabal has purposely painted him as evil and an enemy when all he’s tried to do is protect his people from the global cabal.

Just like Trump.

Set aside past history. It’s all lies.

Look at global events from a 40,000 ft view.

The globe is being changed.

NATO is a corrupt money laundering operation and Trump is in the process of getting rid of it

Trump is always going to say things that make Biden look bad. It’s purposeful.

He’s never going to come out openly and say he’s working with Putin.

And you left out some key facts.

Ukraine was bombarding their own people BEFORE Putin invaded.

Were those war crimes?

Putin put a stop to it.

He’s actually rescuing the Ukrainian people from a corrupt government controlled by Soros


You also do not mention the many bio weapon labs in Ukraine that Putin has bombed.

Labs set up by our corrupt military industrial complex.

Would we be okay with China setting up a bunch of bio labs in Cuba?

I don’t think so.

NATO is not good. They are corrupt and controlled by the global cabal Trump is at war with.

If you can’t see that then your perspective will never change


JJ do you really believe that?

How many nations have we invaded?

How many times has the global cabal used our military to start wars?

To invade countries that got rid of their central banks?


This is a post from

Pepe lives matter

The same people who lied to you about Epstein Island, Covid, 9/11, and literally everything now want you to accept without question that the Ukrainian government is the good guy.


Great points. The global cabal is losing big time. Trump is waging war against it while off the stage with help from Saudi Arabia and now Russia.

Cabal playground/money laundering countries.

1) North Korea ✔️ 

2) Afghanistan ✔️

3) Ukraine ✔️

Next up?

4) Iran

We The Media ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Do tyrants warn citizens living near the military installations to move before they bomb military installations?

No, they don’t. They simply bomb indiscriminately. 

If even Fake News is admitting Putin is warning Ukrainian citizens to get out of the way before the Russian military bombs military installations, what does that say about Putin…


If Putin is a war criminal and tyrant trying to conquer Ukraine why is he warning Ukrainian’s to evacuate military installations before he bombs them?

The media is lying like they always do.

Ukraine government is the bad guy not Putin


Do tyrants warn citizens living near the military installations to move before they bomb military installations?

No, they don’t. They simply bomb indiscriminately. 

If even Fake News is admitting Putin is warning Ukrainian citizens to get out of the way before the Russian military bombs military installations, what does that say about Putin?


I’m hearing in light of the spike in oil today and gas prices going through the roof that Biden’s State of the Union speech will get out ahead of this coming fuel pump shock and offer tax credits on bicycles and if it gets cold to just put on a sweater.

Meanwhile, democrats are asking if it’s too late to announce retirement.



On the day of Biden’s State of the Union speech I just heard on a liberal news station the talk of inflation, high gas prices and…..wait for it…..the Misery Index!


Democrat party being destroyed before our eyes.


My Spit Ball?

A peace deal has already been made and will be timed once the enemy has gone out far enough on a limb.

Biden’s State of the Union speech tonight might be what they’re waiting for.

We’ll see


When you hear “experts” on tv telling you the SP is only down about 10% off it’s highs they are only telling you part of the story.

A ton of major companies we all know in the SP are down 25-30%.

They are selling hard!

And we haven’t even raised rates yet.

Only talk.

Just wait. 

SP is going to drop down 20% in the blink of an eye.

Biden’s new crisis!


That was shocking! The entire market was waiting for any kind of sign or direction and got nothing.

The market hates the unknown and I believe the Fed is setting up the crash. Right on top of Biden right after his State of the Union speech


“Experts” in the market are now saying the market is betting on NO rate hikes in March now because of falling economic numbers and the war in Ukraine which has caused a lot of uncertainty.

That’s a bad take in my opinion.

Oil is spiking through the roof which will drive inflation even higher.

If they don’t act now we will hit double digits inflation.

I think the Fed is about to shock the market and raise interest rates next week by .5% and the market will tank.

Just my guess.

Timed perfectly

We The Media ⭐️⭐️⭐️

👀Mexico won’t impose sanctions on Russia, López Obrador says.

Very interesting, another commodity powerhouse, along with SA, China, India, Brazil, not imposing sanctions on Russia, aka supporting Putin. The climate change WEF globalist elite gang is going to have a very difficult time during this power struggle. 



Mexico has joined China, India, Brazil and Saudi Arabia in not sanctioning Russia.


Huge commodity nations.

Who are the globalists?

Green energy pushers!

More going on than we know.

A global realignment is happening and I see Trump’s hand in all of it.


We The Media ⭐️⭐️⭐️

👀Mexico won’t impose sanctions on Russia, López Obrador says.

Very interesting, another commodity powerhouse, along with SA, China, India, Brazil, not imposing sanctions on Russia, aka supporting Putin. The climate change WEF globalist elite gang is going to have a very difficult time during this power struggle. 



Except many of the Ukrainian people view Putin as a liberator.

The media will never tell you that.

Plus the Russian people have more freedom than the Ukrainian people ever have and they know it


With the whole world painting Putin as an evil dictator conquering innocent people isn’t it ironic that four countries we know are allied with Trump are refusing to put sanctions on Russia?

Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico and India.

Neither is China.

Is Xi on board?



They pushed the SP above that 4300 at the close. Just barely.

That’s a big psychological level.

Was it the Fed pushing it up at the end?

Hard to say.

I haven’t seen the Fed backstop this market but it is possible they just did.

No rate increase coming in March?

Let’s see if they can keep it above that 4300 level.

Good luck

Mar 1, 2022 The US, EU and Nato Just Committed Suicide Bob Moriarty 321gold

321gold.com …takes no prisoners!


You want a great take on the Ukraine/Putin issue?

You won’t find much better than this one.

He’s got experience in war and is a go to on commodities.

He knows what he’s talking about.

He also doesn’t pull punches and just tells it like it is.



I haven’t bit my tongue at all at my work but I’m pretty outspoken.

My first line is always…Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet …

That’s my lead in.

Then I say….and it wasn’t just the Biden’s laundering our tax payer money through that country.

I have yet to have a single person try to rebut those two statements.

It usually changes the subject


He tells it like it is. He tried to not risk his life like a lot of people in war. He makes the point that in every war there is a small percentage of people like yourself who’s lives are actually at risk and at risk constantly.

Let me tell you something about Moriarty.

He hates war.

He’s seen it and he also understands the evil behind them.

It’s been a global cabal starting them much longer than both of us have been alive.

Bob is a commodities expert, especially gold and silver mining companies. You won’t find anybody more knowledgeable in my opinion.

I’ve been following him for many years.

I used to think he was off his rocker cause he would bash our US government and their war mongering while at the time it seemed to me he was defending the enemy.

Turns out he was right all along.

He wasn’t the person who red pilled me but he led me down the path.

Thank you for your service my friend


What I know and Kyle on JustHuman has pointed out is that our military was using some of our best spy planes over Ukraine going back to December.


Who were they tracking and mapping out and why?

My bet is our special forces were mapping out the Soros paid for enemy in the country for the Russians

That’s my bet



Here’s my preemptive strike on Biden’s State of the Union address.

When he tries to claim credit for getting rid of covid just remember all his mandates the courts tossed and why all the mandates are really going away.

Remember the democrats wanted to keep us shut down forever.

What changed?

Poll numbers.

Every democrat governor or mayor up for election has thrown Biden and his mandates under the bus

They have officially abandoned ship!

The captain of the Titanic takes the stage tonight



Biden isn’t legitimate.

We aren’t watching a real State of the Union address.

We are watching a millstone around the necks of the democrats give a speech before the whole world.

What will he say that democrats will be distancing themselves from going into the midterms?

That’s what to watch for.

The democrats are literally doing rebuttals to their own president afterwards.

They already are trying to distance themselves.

Biden will red pill normies in the millions and turn off the radical left at the same time.

It’s going to be grand!


Seriously my friends.

As hard as watching this is remember this moment.

The democrats think this is their night.

They are going to turn everything around.

That’s what they’re telling themselves.

We are watching the complete destruction of the democrat party.

While the democrats are painting the country as great guess what’s coming?

If you think inflation is bad you don’t know what’s coming.

I thought oil would go to $125 a barrel but now I’m thinking it’s going to $150 a barrel.

Oil effects everything.

It will drive the price of everything up!

In about two weeks the gas prices will spike.

I’m in Texas.

I’ve seen $3.50 a gallon and this is Texas. That’s crazy.

But it’s about to go to $4.50 in Texas.

What do you think the rest of the country will be paying?

Do you think the American people are about to be united?

They will unite against the democrats like we could never imagine.

It’s coming


I loved watching Biden’s speech!

To tell all Americans that the country is great when gas prices are about to spike hard?

Red pill dispenser!

At the very end his anger was showing.

“Go get him!”




We just watched a “lame duck” president after his first year.

Everything he proposed is already dead on arrival in the Senate.

And the election is about to be overturned and massive indictments coming.

Remember this night my friends!

The democrat party won’t exist in the near future.


I don’t blame anybody for not watching it.

I’m a political junkie.

I see the stitches on the fastball when it comes to politics.

I don’t just listen to what democrats say, I understand why they’re saying them.

It’s insight that comes from experience. Suffering through things like this in order to see where we are in the battle.

There were some good indicators tonight


Spit Ball 

Big takeaways from Biden’s State of the Union address.

The State of the Union is a big moment.

It can be an historic moment.

It can unite the American people.

It can build on momentum.

It can reverse the fortunes of a president and his party.

It’s a great opportunity.

What did the political landscape look like before this speech?

Was Biden gaining popularity or losing it?

How about his party?

Their poll numbers were cratering and have been for a straight year.

Did this speech change any of that?

Biden is a millstone around the democrats neck going into a midterm election that everyone is saying the democrats are going to get crushed.

Biggest advantage for Republicans in the generic poll that I have seen in my life.


Biden told us why in his speech.

He tried his best to reverse everything.

He’s weak.

He started out talking tough on Russia trying to change that narrative of him with the American people.

Anybody think it worked?

Anybody think Putin is scared?

He made a huge deal of being “for funding the police.”


Crime is through the roof. Democrats don’t want to prosecute crimes and they are on record wanting to defund police.

Americans still know that.

Did Biden change that at all?


Biden gave a laundry list of spending.

All dead on arrival in the Senate. 

Did any of it get the normies to switch back to Biden?

No way.

How about him coming out for securing the border?

Did that convince any normies after they’ve watched a year of Biden allowing illegals to flood the border?

Of course not.

He barely touched on inflation by saying he was going to cut costs of everything from daycare to shipping.

But how.

All of it is skyrocketing under his leadership.

So his speech is done.

What changed?


Are the democrats any better off tonight?

Is Biden?

This is the first day of March.

I believe it’s the beginning of the end.

March Madness has begun.

April showers are coming!


That’s a great catch Peachy!!

Ending a twenty year war should be a great accomplishment!

But he ignored it.

Gee, wonder why?

It was the beginning of the democrats poll numbers cratering

🇺🇲 watson :dealwithit: (@watson@freeatlantis.com)

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I have listened to it 10,000 times, and it is my assessment that Biden said: “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Uranian people.”