March 3, 2022

This is a Q post from 2018 on March 3

Still holds truth


03-Mar-2018 10:42:23 PM CST


Reality is labeled as conspiracy.

You are made to feel crazy.

You are told to obey.

You are SHEEP to them.

Pawns to be sacrificed.







March 3, 2022

They will be up more than a dollar in another week or two.

Oil is now $113 a barrel on it’s way to $125 and beyond

March 3, 2022

Can you imagine what gas prices would be if we weren’t buying $70 million dollars worth from Russia every day?

Maybe Putin will get pissed and just cut us off

March 3, 2022

I heard about this. This is truth. This is what’s actually happening.

The media are the liars.

Trump called the media the enemy of the people.

He has never called Putin that.

March 3, 2022

The garbage RINO Van Taylor that me and my wife confronted and wouldn’t ever vote for again just dropped out.

They had redistricted him out of our area just barely so we couldn’t vote against him but now he’s gone anyway 

March 04, 2022

Great point. And you would think the market would be up on such a high job number but it’s not.

All commodities are going higher especially oil and gold.

We will feel the gas prices first but the food prices are going to go much higher too.

March 04, 2022

Spit Ball 

The Great Reset

I have said many times that Trump is going to bankrupt the Fed and bring down the central banks but what if he doesn’t?

What if Putin is the one to bring them down?

What if every big event in this war against the global cabal was planned to happen while Trump was off the stage?

Patel came out with Devolution 18 and it was perfect timing.

Patel explains very well the evidence Trump and Putin have teamed up against the global cabal and I completely agree.

I couldn’t write my spit ball yesterday and I’m now glad I didn’t.

We might be witnessing the very event that brings down the central banks in Ukraine.

Don’t watch the media. It’s complete lies on what’s going on.

Putin is engaged in war against the globalists which includes NATO.

NATO is the global cabal puppet. It’s a money laundering operation and used to paint Putin and Russia as our constant enemies to create fear, keep us divided and the money flowing.

But how might this bring down the central banks?

Putin has the EU,NATO,central banks by the balls.

The media will never admit this. They think Putin and Russia are being destroyed economically and losing the war at the same time.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The war is taking a little longer because Putin is doing his best to minimize civilian casualties and was trying to get the Ukrainian military to surrender by surrounding them.

The Nazi part of their military is going to be destroyed and they are the ones placing their military equipment near schools and hospitals to maximize civilian casualties.

Putin hasn’t even committed all his troops yet or taken the gloves off yet

The globalists are sanctioning Putin and Russia which is meaningless. They prove that by adding new sanctions almost daily.

It’s all for media narrative.

What won’t the media tell you?

The US imports $70 million dollars worth of oil from Russia every single day.

We are funding the war.

Europe imports 60% of their energy from Russia.

They too are funding the war.

Do you see now why Putin has them by the balls?

Media makes a big deal about removing Russia from SWIFT.

Did you know they have their own version of SWIFT and so does China?

The media talks about how much the Russian market is down but never mentions that the US and European markets are taking a beating too.

The media mentions how much the Ruble is down but doesn’t understand that Russia’s true currency is oil and natural gas.

We are at the end of the debt cycle for the central banks.

They need a great reset.

Inflation was going through the roof before the war in Ukraine.

What has the war done?

Spiked the price of oil.

How does Russia get rich?

Selling expensive oil and natural gas to the world.

So how can the globalists strangle the Russian economy when they are funding it?

Do you know what happens to the price of oil if the globalists decide to stop buying Russian energy?

Trump just mentioned in an interview oil could go to $200 a barrel.

Do you know what happens to inflation if that happens?

Putin has the power to trigger the great reset but not the way the globalists planned.

He has the power to blow up the entire central bank system.

And Putin has been buying a lot of gold.

What if Putin demands payment for energy in Rubles?

The globalists would have to purchase Rubles in order to buy energy from Russia.

What if he demanded gold as payment?

Do you realize the trap the globalists/central banks are in?

Putin is in a position to blow up the entire central bank system.

I saw this interview posted by Learning2human

I encourage you to listen.

Russia Ukraine War and Macro Impact w/ Luke Gromen (BTC067)

Preston Pysh talks with Luke Gromen about Luke’s overview of the macro landscape since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Bitcoin’s potential involvement, and much much more!


– Luke’s overview of the Macro Landscape since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

– Belarus’ involvement in the war.

– Zeleskyy’s Unexpected response and defensive posturing.

– Energy to the EU.

– Turkey blocking the entry into the Black Sea.

– China’s involvement.

– India’s Energy demands.

– Crops and fertilizer impacts.

– Weaponizing Swift.

– Targeting high-net-worth Russian citizens.

– Russia Minister working on a digital single world currency.

– The Rubal crashing.

– What the best outcome might look like.

– Canada weaponizing their banks.

– What everything is really all about.

– Gold’s potential involvement.

– Bitcoin’s potential involvement.

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– The Mr. X Interviews: Volume 1 by Luke Gromen -

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The central banks days are numbered and maybe Putin will be the one to bring down the Fed, not Trump.

Just my opinion.

March 04, 2022


All planned and coordinated while Trump is off the stage.

It removes any narrative to the normies about Trump fighting with the Fed or NATO and Europe.

March 04, 2022

We see things completely different JJ and that’s okay.

You can’t take everything Trump says literally because he’s communicating to normies who know nothing about the corruption in Ukraine. How it is the most corrupt government in the world and completely controlled by the very enemy Trump is at war with.

Trump could never come out and say that because the media would paint him exactly as you describe Putin.

You really should listen to JustHuman livestream from Wednesday morning.

Lot’s of evidence of the opposite of your beliefs.

Your view is exactly with the complete media narrative and all the enemy Trump is at war with are on your side too.

You keep ignoring the fact Ukraine was slaughtering their own civilians in Ukraine in the parts that speak Russian and no longer wanted to be a part of the corrupt Ukrainian government.

Putin invaded to stop that civilian slaughter and you give him no credit for it.

He will keep those captured territories in order to protect those people and they welcome it.

The media will never tell you that.

You also have chosen the side of NATO and the EU who are the enemy in the globalist war.

You can’t pretend that NATO and the EU have lived up to their agreements with Russia and that Putin is the one breaking the agreements cause that is not the case.

Look up the Nazi brigades in the Ukrainian military. Patel talks about them in devolution 18.

They are modern day brown shirts killing their own people. They are the ones staging their military equipment near schools, hospitals and apartments to purposely get more civilians killed to blame Russia cause that feeds the enemy’s media narrative.

So if Putin is so bad and Ukraine so good then why are we purchasing $70 million dollars worth of oil from Russia a day?

Why is Europe still getting most of their energy from Russia?

Why are they funding the war?

The media has lied about Putin and Russia our whole lives.

Putin isn’t perfect but he’s had to be tough because before Trump he was the only leader in the world standing up against the cabal.

To think Ukraine was ever going to be cleaned out without force I think is a misunderstanding of the situation entirely.

Trump has realigned the entire globe and removing the cabal controlled countries fomenting war and placing countries aligned with Trump as being responsible for peace in their regions.

There was never going to be peace in Europe unless Ukraine is no longer a threat.

Can anybody say “bio labs?”

I believe Trump will get rid of NATO because they are the enemy.

If you’re waiting for Trump to say that publicly in this global fight it’s not going to happen.

Let’s see how it all plays out.

March 04, 2022

Good point and Saudi Arabia was doing a lot of the dirty work behind the scenes in the Middle East which is why all the Arab countries suddenly came to the peace table.

Putin doesn’t mind being the one to expose NATO, the EU and the central banks. He’s been at war against them for a long time.