Just Human at Telegram posts:

I believe that one of the ways President Trump changed the World is he put leading countries in a position where they had to take responsibility for their Region. 

Regions of Responsibility = No more America as World Police. 

We can see this in practice in Afghanistan where Qatar and other members of the GCC and Abraham Accords are taking the lead in influencing that country and helping them fight IS.

We can see this in practice in Iran where Russia and Saudi Arabia are leading the Iran Deal negotiations, and NOT the US (much to the displeasure of Iran, btw).

We can see this in practice in the Pacific, where Japan and South Korea are getting more involved in protecting Taiwan and rebuffing/pushing back China. 

And of course, we see this in Ukraine right now where Russia is eliminating the threats there and Europe, left without the backing of the US, is having to take responsibility for themselves (Germany suddenly deciding to fund a military, for example).

Look across the World and you will find more examples of this change. 

Regions of Responsibility. 

Trump changed the World.